Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dream

I’ve tried this game out recently and can’t believe this doesn’t get more play. It’s great. Those chain combos are a lot of fun.

I’m guessing that either Ken or Akuma is the best in this game, simply because both can deal massive damage off of c.LK as punishes and have the standard shoto tools to control the match with.

Dan looks like Steven Seigal in this game.:wgrin:

I love Alpha 1 also. It doesn’t get as much play because there are few backgrounds, fewer characters, and a lot of people think the chain combo system is weak (takes less skill).

But like you, I think the chain combo system is pretty fun.

…it’s all about Guy.

akuma ken guy are best in the game. A lot of the characters in the game are “good”, just about everyone has something in it.

need to try messing around with Guy if he’s as good as you guys say

also love Birdie in this game

Ive had this game on my gameboy color back then, this is practicaly the only game i kept playing over and over again. :wgrin:

Guy & Gouki FTW…-STREEEeeeEET-FIGHTER…-ALPHA…ONE-thread. I made a thread for it right here. Anyway yea if people are going to sign on ill try and sign on to. I havn’t really gotten to play this year since 99% of the people that play it refuse to play me since im apparently cheap at the game so… i sorta gave up on it. But yea if new people are gonna sign on ill try and check on again.

Yeah been playing this recently off my PSN account on my PS3

damn i love playing as Guy & Ken so good on this game, but freaking Sagat remind of the Sagat on Vanilla 4

Sagats really bad dude. Hes definitely a contender for worst in the game i’d say. He really doesn’t have much. Personally its usually a toss up between him, adon, birdie and dan for the worst in the game for me. I don’t think theyre really separated by much. Not that I don’t think they aren’t competitive by say. But not as good as everyone else.

Why do you think sagat is good?

This game definitely has some good stuff going for it. For one thing, it lacks custom/virtual combos. Heh. A lot of the characters feel stronger here than in the later games. This game was pretty popular at the time, but Alpha 2 pretty much wiped it out completely, and now it’s kind of unfairly regarded as a bad game, much like Super Street Fighter II.

i love SFA is so fun :3

I feel your pain lol

Sodom’s unblockable stand Roundhouse setups for the fucking win. Or maybe just s.Short>s.Forward>s.Roundhouse XX Daikyo Burning for 60% lol

Does anyone of you know if the original 1996 guide to SFA1 is any good? I’m talking about this one: Street Fighter Alpha Warriors’ Dreams Unauthorized Game Secrets (Secrets of the Games Series.) (9780761506102): Erik Suzuki, Prima Development, Eric Suzuki: Books

Since SFA1 is pretty much considered to be broken anyway; respectiveley is not played on a higher level anymore I’m also wondering about the overall design-aspects of it, eg. is it nice to look at in terms of artwork, screenshots and layout. Of course, it would also be nice if the included strategies are not totally outdated / wrong and still can be used. Last but not least, since 96 pages don’t seem exactly plenty, is it any better than the SFA Anthology guide in terms of sheer SFA1 coverage?

So the three questions are basically:

  1. How’s the design - does it qualify as a cool book to have and just browse through or is it rather boring?
  2. How is the actual content - any useful strategies / data?
  3. And finally, how does it compare to the SFA Anthology book (of course limited to the A1 coverage, but both in terms of design and content)?