Street Fighter Alpha

I found the original SFA at Gamestop for 7 bucks, so I had to get it. I know supposedly it isnt the best game in the world but I am going to try it anyway. So does anyone know shit about this game

I loved alpha, but I know some people hated it.

It’s not like most of the other alpha games, it’s slower (or atleast feels that way to me), and has a different combo system. You can chain l, s, f and the timing of it is so easy you can be as sloppy as you want.

Akuma, dan, bison are all in it as special characters.

It’s been a while since i played it.

damage is high. Really high.

Chain combos are pretty wack in that game… everyone has them. Everytime you hit someone with a jab or a short, you pretty much can chain into whatever normal that can cancel into super. It’s pretty dumb. Also, because everyone has chain combos, you pretty much see everyone doing the same shit over and over again.

I loved Alpha 1, it’s what got me back into SF. Finally some new sprites and animations too since all of the SF2 remakes. But then again, I’m a HUGE Darkstalkers fan, so the chain combos appealed to me. It was sort of like a dummied down Street Fighter version of Night Warriors (even though SFA1 came
1st I think). I did find the game very fun and the competition was VERY high in my area so that of course adds a lot to it to— the excitement factor. Hard core SF fans didn’t seem to care for it though. OF course Hardcore is just another word for stubborn or too happy with one thing to give something else a try. I’ve been kickin’ it with SF since most peeps here were probably wetting their diapers, but I’m still open to trying out a new game and being fair about it. But LOL, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I still own my copy of SFA1 for Sega Saturn as well as 30 other games for the system (some are really tough to find nowadays too!).

^ I share a somewhat similar opinion. Miss the 90s and <3 Vampire forever.

HA HA HA… yes FOREVER!!! :wgrin: :lovin:

I liked the game a lot too.

Beat the game on Level 8 with every character. Every character has a personalized song that plays during the end credits, but only if you beat the game with them on Level 8. Chun-Li’s theme played on piano is amazing.

Dan is actually useful in this game.

This has gotta be the easiest game to link Chun-Li’s lightning kick super with her fireball super for a great amount of damage.

Ryu and Ken vs. Vega(Cape) like the SF2 Animated movie owns!

Defeating Shin Gouki(Akuma) is nice too. After you beat him, it can be a regular kick/punch and the screen will light up white, you’'ll be taken to a screen that looks kind of like the Megaman bosses intro stage where your character is in the center and you will be told that you are a great player. Well it was really cool back in the days.

Nightwarriors came first, when Alpha was under its Production name “SF Legends”.

Knowing the game was gonna come out on PS1 later, SFA was one of the games that made me want a PS1.

I was a huge fan of those Darkstalkers type graphics and I remember how blown away when I first saw how Capcom “mutated” Sagat compared to the SF2 series. Then I was in the shock of my life when I first played it at the arcade because I had no idea Final Fight characters were in it.

And remember the secret Dan, Bison, and Akuma codes that were hella cool at the time? Dan was the best he ever was in that game! Remember too how the 1st
and 2nd player could team up against Bison in a 2 on 1 match! :rofl:

I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this but…

You could say the same for just about every alpha game. In A1 it was chain to super, in a2 it was unblockable CC’s, in A3 it was VISM.

IMHO it’s all equally mindless, though all the games were pretty fun.

Well, it was more mindless in A1 I think, even though a lot of games you mentioned were repetitive, I agree. A1 was pretty bad IMO.

CC’s in A3 were thoughtful, although once you get cody and ryu’s down, you got a chance at just about anybody infinites were what killed that for me… besides, for some reason, i’m anti groove type deals… idk why… but i just don’t like them…, whereas the CC’s in A2 were really mindless… 99% of them were just sweep, powerful attack, end witha multiple hit… eg, sagat had one that was just,, mp tu x 8, hp tu finisher… there’s another one with tiger knees… they’re pretty repepetive and boring…

I guess it depends on how you look at it and when you started in the series.

I started back in the orignal SF2, and loved that series (all through super turbo) the most. When A1 came about I felt that no matter what my oponent was it was all chain to super, in A2 I felt it was all CC’s, in A3 I felt it was all vism’s baring sim.

Granted the VISM took more thought, set up, and had some variation, but it still boiled down into CC’s dominanting the game.

I don’t count combos as repetitive, I think how you set them up is, and how a match is played.

wow, finally somebody that views alpha 3 the same way i do

Akuma, Guy, Ken, Sodom rocked the house. Birdie wasn’t bad in this either.

Sodom? Unlockable meaty stand roundhouse-Fierce Joguku to infinity.

birdie was absolute trash in alpha 2

SFA1 was glitchy (Guy re-dizzy, Sodom unblockable, etc), but possibly not as horrible as I remember. But, abscence makes the heart grow fonder…

Well, most characters in A3 don’t have infinites…and if you were to look at the top 8 characters in the game, there are about 3 of them with infinites, and none of them are top 3. Also, Ryu’s infinite only works if you’re 1p, and pretty much only works in the corner. Not only do most people not know how to set up Cody’s inifnite right so that it can’t be escaped, I can name a bunch of chracters who are better than him off of the top of my head, so it’s not like he dominates the game. It’s like saying re-dizzy combos ruined ST because Dee Jay has one.

i never said that most do. i only named ryu and cody because that’s what i know… i’ve seen nibor scrape people in CTF with cody with that stupid infinite… infinite’s in games that don’t dizzy out (eg. mvc2) to me are retarded, especially if they do almost no damage… Crouch cancel jump up kick… x 3780… it’s almost as bad as watching people do wolverine’s corner rejump infinite in xm vs sf… just boring, and makes the fights retardedly long…

Alpha 1 was the reason I traded my SNES+25 games in at EB for a playstation. It was the only game I could afford at the time but man I was in gaming heaven…
I miss the old days.