Street Fighter Alphas Video Thread


Since other game forums have a video thread, the Alpha games should have one too?

So post your videos here!

Here is a slew of youtube links to get started with…




Xenozip.'s VC video thread - VCs for almost every character in SFA3!!



Eidrian set up a host for B5 Alpha 3 footage :wow: :lovin:
Lomo the kid has also been posting lots of video links over in this thread. :tup:
Let’s not forget that good ol’ has lots of stuff too.



As I know next to nothing about SFA1, this video blew me away. Is this stuff possible in HSFA??

^that thread ended up becoming a video thread, though I never would have figured it out if nobody told me. I’ll be upping some old stuff to YouTube in not too long…


All SFA3:

A-Bison vs A-Ryu

There’s some older stuff if you wanna sift through my other YouTube stuff:

A-Bison vs V-Cammy

Bison vs V-Zangief

Bison vs V-Akuma

Cody/Ryu vs Gen/Sagat

Gen, Charlie, Sodom, X-Dhalsim, Guy, Ryu

Ken vs V-Dhalsim

V-Sakura vs A-Cammy

V-Blanka vs V-Cody

Sodom vs Charlie


BKB, thanks for opening this thread it’s a good idea! I could not rename my thread with those option you told me because they were not available for me when I clicked on “edit”. Those options only popped up for a few milliseconds and switched to the “normal” edit mode.
Anyaway here’s my support!

The latest, the 4th playtown-dice arcade tournament, held in nagano.
The did a A/X-ism only tournament and a All-ism tournament. Here are the winners.

A/X-ism only:

1: John boy (X-Birdie)
2: UE (A-Akuma)
3: DIK (A-Chun-Li)
4: GPM (A-Sakura)

All-ism tournament:

1: kz (V-Sodom)
2: YKO (V-Dhalsim)
3: Kid (A/V-Zangief)
4: KIK (A-Guy)

  • Enjoy the X-Birdie my gentleman. He knows how to trade in his favour, he knows how to punish certain things, he hitconfirms with cr.HP (the 2hitter), and he knows how to combo.

  • the vids also contain X-Rolento and x-Blanka. (the X-Rolento plays in the All-ism tournament.)

-kz wins again the All-ism tournament. He also won the 3rd a few month ago. But back then he played with random chara select. Against a V-Gouki a got randomly X-Sakura and he could do the cross-up loop and doujioshi cancle and perfected teh Gouki (if you remember)
This time he switches from Random select to V-Sodom.

4th playtown-dice arcade tournament vids (A/X-sim only & All-ism tournaments)=

PS: Enjoy the vids! I will also upload the newest beat-tribe tournament vids! Just wait. :slight_smile:


Id say in general its both ways… some would work some wouldnt. Also from the looks of it there playing a very early version of the game, as charlie cancles his duck foward in one of the combos.

But yea some probably work and some dont, obviously some of the cornerish combos dont work like guys crossing up with bushin elbow thing in corner, and then he combos after it, which is basicly impossible in hyper as well. so theres 2 things that would make that combo not work. Roses shadows were raped in hyper so blah to that. Anyway umm yea some work some dont. Though some of those tengu glitch combos dont need that to work anymore, say stuff like level 2 super fireball to level 1 super fireball works regularly in hyper shrug.

Though I will say that charlie combo with the stand foward to sonic boom super is quite impressive.


Option select poke into combo at :45 was sweet!

And that Guy combo at 7:04… :wow: I never knew c.jab linked to s.jab


Which files are which? The A/X event and the regular event?


Yes, they didn’t sort it, they put everything in one folder. So in order to better understand the match up’s I posted the first 4 placers for every tournament. So that you can understand that the Birdie match are for the V-excluded tourny and also the A-Chun matches and so on.

Eveything with V-ism and X-Rolento and A-Guy/A-V-Gief is the All-ism tournament then.

There’s just one match that isn’t clear to me, the X-Blanka vs X-Birdie match. It could be some exhibition match.

I thought about it to make to folders for the .zip file but I wanted to leave them in their original form.


this is like one of the best videos ever


Anyone know how the Bison’s j.rh hits twice at 2:27?

…and how Chun does 4 standing jabs into upkick super at 0:26???

It -is- a super flash kick motion right?


it looks like the rh hits, then the psycho shot hits, and then since the rh is still out there, the game forgets it has hit already and it hits again, or something to that effect.


Yeah, it’ll probably still be in it’s hit frames, so after the Psycho Shot disapears it hits again…


That went right into the favourites folder! Crazy Guy player, makes me want to play the game more often (Guy is the character I attempt to “use”).

Wish I didn’t suck so bad at this game… I wanna be able to do to people what that guy was doing.


here’s is the newest beat-tribe tournament footage! Held on february.10.2007!


It says that there is a day one. Is there a day two?


That’s a lot of vids! I really like the sakura air hurricane use in these. Their style overall seems different than what I’m used to seeing as well. Lots of Blanka too! Winning even! :rofl:

In [media=youtube]uPGz2lnqanM[/media] the Blanka player does an anti-air elec against airblock at 1:20. It looks like the opponent is basically fucked and it’s a guaranteed guard break. I’ve tried this in HSFA before, but it never worked like that… they would take a shitload of GC damage, but eventually bounce out. The Sim player in this vid however seems to be locked in place.

Was this changed in console versions, or am I just doing it wrong?


Yeah I liked the Sak hurricane style and the Blanka player also very much! ^^ (oh, and some nice Guy walk cancels!)

And this Blanka elec trap it is indeed changed for the console versions. You should find this “glitch” in the dip settings. Maybe it’s 1-02.

The held a big event on two days. And this is only the footage of the 10th not the 11th. But I can’t say if they release the other vids. Last time the upped the tournament +Mukai and Bazooka swan challenge. (maybe some remembers)
I would like to see those challenges or extra events again. So hopefully they put them online! =)


BKB: It’s a bug in SFA3 980629.


it still works in hyper alpha, and is a instant kill to say shrug.