Street Fighter Alphas Video Thread


Chiba-Ran 135: [media=youtube]5vF5lhQA_j8[/media]


big1 stream, recorded today:


Chiba-Ran 136: [media=youtube]wNvnKeNXvNI[/media]


[SIZE=3]Welcome to Die Street Fighter Alpha 3[/SIZE]


Was there a recording of alpha 2 at final round, or if it even happened?


Alpha A-ISM Charlie Combos: [media=youtube]_naeXDQarVA[/media]

a-cho SFZ3 exhibition matches: [media=youtube]RqtSnf7EQSo[/media]

a-cho Ranking Battle: [media=youtube]oBc5zXV7hLg[/media]

SFZ3 Chiba-Ran #137: [media=youtube]jSGbDh3vS7k[/media]

SFZ3 Chiba-Ran #138: [media=youtube]YAUwUJV0KYw[/media]


SFZ3 a-cho stream from earlier today:



meh guess ill post something. A dizzy combo with birdie in a1. It is much much more specific than it looks. Does not work in ps2 anthology console version, however in the hyper alpha version of the game it works very easily. Go figure.




Didn’t want to create a new thread just to post a couple videos.
I’ll probably end up uploading all the matches in these particular sets,
for now though, have roughly an hour’s worth of content.








Thanks for posting these vids! Couldn’t believe you have recent vids of CvS1 on your channel too, sick. Are you planning on uploading vids from A2 as well, or are you going to focus on A3?


Yea i was surprised to see cvs1 vids as well. The gameplay was pretty bad though, didn’t seem like the people playing knew the game that well. I guess it’s good for people who never saw the game played or are late to the scene. Btw it looks like they’re playing on the slow speed :/…


Yeah, I could tell that the players weren’t great at the game. It was still cool to see some of the things you could do in that game that were taken out of cvs2 (throw xx super anyone?).



hrmm for some reason its not posting my umm posts guess ill try again…


I record daily matches , if you want you can subscribe to my channel