Street Fighter and a few other Rps

Looking for some members on SRK that would like to Roleplay with me and some of my other friends. The first Rp that is open for new members is a Street Fighter Rp called Exploding Reality

The plot :

A tournament is held between the worlds of the living and the dead. In this tournament, There is no distinction between the living and the dead. Because the human race has already been wiped out by M. Bison’s Psycho Drive. In otherwords, Everybody has just died… But they now have a chance to make things right in the nether realm. The objective is simple, To battle for the fate of the earth, heaven, and hell. Or to gain god like power.

The Rp was ment to be A Street Fighter Ex story. But since it has more style , it’s more of a SNK Vs Capcom story. If you are interested please click on the link above and join the story.

While I’m here. I guess it couldn’t hurt to show off some of the other Rp’s we have on there. There’s a Dragon Ball Z rp that has a spin to it. The story is based in the Dragon Ball World. But you have to be a original character. You can’t join with the mindset that you are going to be Goku or Vegeta and blow up the entire world. For once there is a Dragon Ball story that requires the player to think and put effort into the plot.

And last but not least there is a Kingdom of Hearts Rp .

Plot :

Two years after Sora destroyed the Heartless things became strange again. Sora would again have these wierd dreams. Myterious weapons and powera have been going to certain people on the island Tidus recieved a sword which looked like it had water in it. Wakka’s stregnth doubled over night and Selphie’s jump rope can extend beyond belief. One night the islands were engulfed by darkness once again but what kind of mysterious and new worlds lie ahead in Sora and friends quest to return the worlds back to normal and what new enemies have risen up from the darkness of hearts you choose the fate of Sora and his friends…

If you are interested or have any questions. Please post them here, or send me a PM. Thank you.

I should point out to you the existance of the OOC Board. The rules say you have to make one. Even if you are not going to use it. Here is a explanantion about the OOC board : Link

If you don’t mind I would like to recommend a few Rp’s to you. I feel like these could really use some members. They all have active GM’s and are active. The only problem is they haven’t been noticed by any of them new members yet. I’m hoping that will change, and that’s why I’m sending you a link to them. Hopefully you see something you like.

Misc Rp :

Cray City

Plot :

*Falcon City -

A place where brave heroes and wicked villains clash on a daily basis, where epic stories of heroism are told. Plots run deep and tension runs high, as thousands of lives are saved or lost depending on the actions of a select few.

…this is not Falcon City.

Cliff Bay City -

Home to the newest branch of the World Superhero Association, Cliff Bay is quickly developing problems of its own. Villainous masterminds plot against young heroes, stretching them to their limits and beyond. They have fought and died for their city, but even still it remains in danger.

…this is not Cliff Bay City.

This is Cray City. A city also filled with heroes and villains. However, there are no monumental battles here. City-wide dangers are few and far between, and the general population goes about their life mostly without fear they will find themself embroiled in some mad villain’s scheme. For while Cray City is no less plauged by villains than any other city, they are blessedly incompetent, and face fierce resistance from the slightly less incompetent heroes.

Welcome to Cray City.*

Science Fiction :

The Empire Fallen

Plot :

Humans have taken to the stars in order to colonize new worlds, and eventually, Earth was nothing more than a forgotten memory. Eria is one of those settled worlds. The native species of the system quickly fell under the technological sword of the humans, and the invaders quickly established themselves in an interplanetary empire.

The Dragonlord Empire is now crumbling, holding vainly onto to it’s last tattered strands of honor. The newly crowned Emperor Valorious XXIII is an incompetent half-wit, the nephew of the previous Emperor who was assassinated by the rogue military unit, Exodus on his appearance to announce the end of the Renil Wars three months ago. The regional governors have been slowly taking more and more liberties with their territories, knowing that they have nothing to fear from either the Emperor or the rapidly crumbling bureaucracy. Cell of Exodus are popping up everywhere, several governors have broken away from the Empire to form their own kingdoms, the Ceri?du are threatening revolution and war once again, the Ootal have retreated to their home world, and unbeknownst to everyone, a previously uncontacted species is mere weeks away from entering the Erian system.

This is the world your characters will be adventuring in. It is one of political intrigue, or exploration, or war. This is the world of The Empire Fallen.

Project Neoxis: Remembrance

Plot :

Some call it a place of dreams. A sanctuary even. Here there was no limit. And in the beginning you were gifted to be whatever it was that you wanted to be. It was a perfect place. But this place was so much more. The truth of it’s existence is utterly terrible. Until they broke free of the spell.

The place was called Neoxis, or more so the program was called that. In March 2006, a program was developed in North America to save memories. The details of the program were simple, while one had their memories recorded, they were sent to a digital fantasy world. Happenings in this digital fantasy world were also recorded. The program would then create a cd to have memories viewed just like dvd. In acctuallity Neoxis was a government prototype program with intentions of a new type of weapon, utilizing brain-washing/and re-writting technology. The perfect weapon. For now, it worked using a simple virtual reality program, like a video game. The North American Government wished to utilize it in a ray form so it could be spread from long distances, but they never succeeded. This program was absolutley top secret. That is until a scientist, a traitor, leaked information out to Russia. Soon the news was all over the world. Opposing nations roared with fury at the mere thought of the program, because at this time an international peace treaty called The Calm, was newly signed. North America admitted to having paranoia issues with the new treaty after the recent war, but soon after an international talk they decided to shut down the program immediatley. Project Neoxis was shut down permanently and all files were destroyed. Or so they thought.

In April 2397, The Calm was nullified. War was waged everywhere. Project Neoxis ran once again. Succeeding where their ancestors had failed, scientists had created a highly resilient biotic microchip that could last in the human body indefinitley. The chips were distributed in aerosol and other biological chemical forms that relied on inhalants. Most were disguised through hairsprays, puff airfresheners, perfums and other common houshold inhalants. It wasn’t before long until everyone had a chip in their system. North America’s new goal was not only to win the war, but the world. Injected into president, other corrupt government officials, and the scientists was a particular chip which allowed them to coexist in reality and the dream world. To save their memory. They acted as moderators. By December all wars ceased and Project Neoxis took it’s reign. 5 years later this unatural peace was soon to be broken, by a handful of individuals. The ones who remembered.

Reality Shift

Plot :

It was June 6, 2006, the day everyone said would be the day of the devil. Well, in a way they were correct, and in a way they weren?t. You see, the world didn?t end that day. It was only brought into chaos. At 11AM that morning, creatures started to appear, creatures that you would only think about when in a dream. Buildings fell and religions clashed. An eternally darkness veiled the sun each day since and the moon turned red. Therefore, it was always dark, though street lights remained on, if they weren?t already destroyed by the continuous wars being waged.

In the few places where a bit of light shone, people gathered and fought, soon causing the air itself to be polluted and unable to sustain life. There was no safe haven, unless you locked yourself up perhaps, but how long could you last? Of course, most weren?t even safe then from the horrors of the new world they had seemed to bring forth from the darkest depths of Hell. It seemed that all hope had been lost and religion forsaken. People stole to survive and did what they wanted with no fear of punishment since all law had been demolished.

Zombies wandered the streets. Vampires we thought were myths fed on the blood of humans and other creatures, both dead and alive. Dogs and wolves, and even people who were dead but still walking came after people, scared and afraid, unknowing that they couldn?t be helped. It was a pity.

Horses with horns or spikes roamed the areas of pure darkness, seeming to glow a bright red, as did their breath. A ten foot radius of poison surrounded them always and their bite could cause a slow and painful death. Anyone at any moment in time could be literally dragged down to Hell by these creatures, body and soul, to be tortured for eternity. Some people, those who had helped bring the creatures into the world, had links and were unaffected by their abilities, but those were rare to find, as it was for all of the evil demons. The worst part was that they couldn?t be killed, not by humans anyway, and no barrier stopped them. They were probably the most feared of them all.

Are you going to survive?

Parody Rp

Chrono 3 - Seeds of Lavos

Basic Plot
The year is 1025A.D. The kingdoms of Guardia and Porre have just ended, but some rivalry and hate still balances between them. With the end of this war, a new Problem arises when the Princess of Guardia, Mell, and the King of Porre, Norris, vanish from there kingdoms with no idea where they went, and so a new plot has arrived and you have been chosen by your kingdom to find them, you journey begins in 1025A.D. Home, but shall take you across two dimensions and over five time periods as you try and find these two lost Royal Blood Lines.

Usally my name on there is Gabriel Zero. But I changed my name to Mister Iwaku. I’m almost always on there. So feel free to drop me a Private Message and say hi.

Iwaku is pretty huge and the really good Rp’s are sometimes hard to see , at less someone points them out too you. The choice is all yours , and I hope you find one of the Rp’s listed below interesting.

Misc Rp’s :

Requiem: Chaos Undivided

Plot: A moonlit park, site of a great battle.
Hooded figures stand on the opposite ends of a makeshift battlefield.
Suddenly, bright lights, and wonder of wonders!
Winged figures and monstrous beasts appear.

A fight begins, light and darkness facing off in honorable battle.
But what is this!?
Hooded shadows loom out in the middle of the battlefield, like arbiters of a great duel.
The tallest one speaks, his voice echoing.

“I appeared to thank you.
For your conflict has fulfilled our plans.
If not for all of you,
Chaos would have not been possible at all!”

And the park was subjected to a dark vortex.
Chaotic forces swirling in a blinding mass.
Alas, the world has ended in this single act.
Now, as chaos has merged the spiritual and the material,

The world was shattered.
Millions of people died.
The war of the heavens has descended to mortal ground.
Great powers have now shown themselves.

As one of the survivors, what will you do now?

Demon High

Plot :It has been fifteen years since Din had saved the world and fell in love with Brittany, the beautiful half-angel. The had a kid and named him Zeke, he is the son of the greatest half-demon. He wants to live up to his fathers great name, but he would have to kill a God for that to happen and he couldn’t kill a full blood demon if he tryed at the state he is in. Now he is sixteen and a sophmore in highschool, But lately their has been some strange things happening at the school. These thing are very demonic, but his father can’t help him now that he is old enough to defend himself all Din will do is train him. The year is 2024 and the name of the school is Oni High.

Fantasy RP’s:

The Battle of Castria

Plot :The city of Castria, oldest of all cities, prosperous port town, largest city down the coast line, a city called home by all the goodly races. Home to hundreds of thousands of people who believe that their city is the safest place in all the world, that it could never be attacked by land or see. That same arrogance will be their down fall.

For the past 30 years a siege on the city has been waged. Two beings are behind this four and a half decade war. The first being Kathrie Garrett a lich of unspeakable horrendous power, with massive legions of undead at her command. The next is Rehk Stonehand an orc warlord, the first in known history to successfully unite all the orc tribes living both on the surface, and below. When the two now allied a truly monstrous war began.

A call has gone out to the soldiers. Warriors brave enough to go deep through enemy lines and destroy Rehk and Kathrie.

Son Et Lumiere

Plot :*The shadows of the subconscious tend to wane in this age of neon and chrome. They are far too complex now…strayed from themselves, their originality, their source. Yet still they grasp onto carnality. The need to abate the most inane things; sexual desire, personal gain, maybe a bit of murder along the way. What?s wrong with people these days is that they fail to understand that a bit of self-indulgence isn?t bad. No, they don?t understand it, but they still tend do it. All this talk of asceticism, adopting the path of righteousness amounts to fluff when you get down to it. As for God…well he stopped caring a long time ago. It?s funny how pet projects can just slip through the harvest, drop into little pockets of instability then vanish from interest. So now the only thing they?ve got is their carnality, the most basic, humanistic quality one can exhibit. They?ve yet to realize it. But it is as many fail to comprehend, that humans, as a race must, in the end, devolve- to return from whence they came. And as far from fiction as it sounds, it is closer to reality that words could ever make them.

Such is the nature of their *sin

Shadows of the Past: Zero

Remember the Gosai’s SF RPG? Well this is basically a sequel to that. Cannon SF characters will appear and can be controlled as PCs.

The street fighter tournament is being held this year by a mysterious organization. Many were suprised because this tournament wasn’t held by Sagat this year. Many of the fighters from the previous Street Fighter Tournaments have risen to this challenge. So did some new faces. Especially one person with nothing to lose. Because the Illuminati captured his mother, His mission is to investigate her abduction. News reaches his ear that one of the people responsible have a great deal to do with this tournament.

If you’re up for an SF RP, Show me your skills!