Street Fighter and Racism

Have you guys ever seen the intro to street fighter 2.

A white guy punches a black guy in the face,

this is racist, right?

got changed to a white dude later on


Street Fighter isn’t racist.

loool this guy is funny… THOUGH i never remembered a black guy being their (not saying there wasn’t)

wow 20 something odd years later! give it a rest! and the black guy was based of off the black guy in sf1!

I have to fart<br>

he gets punched in the face for a living…

So, that was a qualifying match and Mike didn’t make it to SF II. Yet, Mike changed his name and his build to become Balrog. Uh, problem solved.

Totally right dude, I’m so tired of [media=youtube]QlR6K0wAlGY#t=6m01s[/media].

SF has nothing on the Punch Out!! series.

Should’ve switched them places, which would eliminate the racism

Actually, they should add anti-racist feature in fighting games so that attacks of white characters are automatically disabled if they face black ones.

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some pretty funny shit lool