Street Fighter Anniversary Collection 3s Good Quality?

Yo I was wondering does anybody know if the port of SF3 Third Strike on the Street Fighter Anniversary Disc for the Xbox is considered good quality. The reason why I am asking I’m moving on from my dreamcast disc onto the Xbox copy which is going for over 45 bucks Before I considered the purchase I found out it is backwards compatible so I can use it for the 360. So if anybody considers it a good port just hit up the thread.

I really wish I could neg you again.

Not a bad port at all.

Got him for ya, Stu.

Instead of neg repping you into oblivion I’ll say this:

Third Strike has its OWN FORUM on SRK. And not only that…but there is a thread specifically for beginner questions regarding 3S which is perfect for what you want. Never make a thread on this site without vigorously checking to see if there is someplace else where the thread exists or if there is a closely related topic.

Where in the world is it going for 45?

Apparently where this guy can get ripped off I guess.

Yes it is a good port if you are going to play it on an original xbox. On xbox 360 using backwards compatibility there is a bit of random slowdown only when a character is knocked high in the air. Example, Yuns genei jin juggle combos causes the slow down as the character gets hit up. Makoto trying to juggle off her SA2 by jumping up after somebody to keep hitting them causes some slowdown as well. Other than a slight error in audio when you finish a round with a super art those seem to be the only problems I ever ran into while playing 3rd strike on xbox 360.

Also, 45 bucks?

Unless you mean 45 new you can find a better price.

yeah that up scroll lag bug is ass. I remembered super jumps sometimes doing it.

I like the port.

3s on XBL is dead, your better off going to
There is a huge following there.



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