Street Fighter Anniversary Collection or Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Which Game do you like better?

I like Alpha Anthology better.Only thing miising is World Tour mode,Online play,and extras(Could’ve used the Street Fighter Alpha Movie)Otherwise still a good Game

um, why compare them? Anniversary Edition contains 3rd Strike and Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting, Alpha Anthology contains all the Alpha Games and a wierd combined version.

AE is probably played more right now, because 3S is one of the top 3 Capcom fighting games right now.

AA is fun, but not as many people play Alpha seriously these days. It’s a great series, but people have just moved on to newer things.

i love AA. while i like 3rd strike better than alpha 3
Alpha anthology is a better collection
if AC would have been a 2 disk set one with all sf3 games and the other w/ all ( or most) sf2 games (come on, we dont really need Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting)
that would have been the shit but i dont see that happening.

AE was basically 3rd strike with a bonus game. So, for a collection, AA easily triumphs.

I’d have to go with AA. I just wish it had sfa3: Max and online.

Exqueeze me? We we don’t really need Hyper Fighting? One of the best games ever to have the name Street Fighter on it?

I think your quest to get the worst rep on srk is really funny, keep it up. How many neg reps do you recieve a day?

its a misunderstanding. i dont mean its a bad game i mean it should have been released on its own, what i mean is we dont need it in the collection.

uh, no. it has Hyper Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition.

i like videogame

Dat Madden!

I think in terms of sheer content AA wins, but otherwise it’s just personal preference.