Street fighter anniversary edition arcade stick guts pics

i havent done measurements but it appears that the mounting holes for the stick are standard fair. appears moddable.

What kind of gate is it?

one more pic

Well, looks like the wires are quick disconnects and thats a good thing.

The stick has out dated leaf switches :tdown:

Darn them Bao-lian’s and their cheap china clone parts.

:china: :china: :china: :china: :china: :china: :china: :china:

It’s an AMERICAN STICK dummy, no fucking gate. Jesus if there is one thing I hate about the advent of J-sticks it’s “What kind of gate is it?”. No you know what, take it back even farther, fuck the octagonal restrictor period.

actually N-Ken you are totally wrong and SpiffyS is totally correct. It may look like an AMERICAN STICK, but it’s no more american than an X-arcade joystick. Oh and even though Happs are considered american, the competitions are made by iL “industries Lorenzo” of Spain but Happ liscenses them as well as the buttons.

Those parts are Bao-Lian of china. It’s a round shaped gate and the stick is similar to what you got in an X-arcade. X-a got special parts ordered that had their logo on there instead of the BL logos. The buttons are the cheaper type similar to the old RO buttons in the earlier sticks.

The buttons basically cost like $.10 each and that’s where they do their cost savings. The X-A buttons are also BL and they cost about $.20 each from BL.

Now thats the great Hardware Technical Support I like to hear!!! :tup:

Round gate, basically meaning no restriction then…

Can u take out the joystick or is it glued on? Because I don’t see any bolts locking in the joystick from the outside. Can you change the buttons also or are they glued on too? Thanks.

Yes you could take the joystick and buttons out and replace them with Happ parts. The reason you don’t see any bolts on the joystick from the top side is because they are counter sunk under the plexi and artwork. You can see them though from the pic of the inside that lazydel posted.

Does it really matter where it was made? I wasn’t talking about WHERE it was manufactured, its still US style much moreso than J style, it’s using the leafswitches AND it doesn’t have a restrictor, that was my point in the 1st place. So you are wrong and I am not.

Armad dont say shit when you’re entire post revolves around semantics that the original post wasn’t even referring to.


What I draw from SS’s post is that he’s disapointed that they chose to use the inferior Cloned China parts instead of real Happ parts.

The fact is that there’s always some sort of gate. The Super and P360 have no gate so the “cut out” acts as the “gate” and happens to be round. Ultimates and Competitions have the square actuator that hits at more angles so it’s more of a square gate. It’s less obvious than the Japanese sticks where the’s a true gate that restricts their smaller actuator.

If it’s important to someone what the gate is, then let them ask instead of calling names and being immature. This is a message board so calling someone “stupid” really has no place. Of course there are different levels of ignorance all around and there’s no point to feel more superior just cause someone’s asking a more simple question. I think that this was moreso my point.

just my $.02… and I’m done.

I’m going to back up N-Ken and say that american sticks don’t have gates, they have actuators instead. Put a square actuator on a Super, and you get a square feel. Since you consider the housing to be the gate, I just got a sqaure feel out of a round gate and square actuator.

I also think the word gate is abused.

The stick does not have leaf switches. Those are microswitches, with actuators.

And yes, they used non-insulated disconnects and covered them in shrink tubing. Swapping parts should be a joke.

Shin Ace took the words i was gonna use, but hes right about american sticks not having gates and the leaf switches.

THESE are leaf switches.

I also completely agree the word gate is abused.

While I don’t know no where near as much as some of you, I must say that I agree with the priciples behind Armad’s comment in that not everyone is totally well up to date with arcade parts. Quite frankly I was researching for an arcade stick and really like the real arcade pro and thus also the CFJ stick but they were expensive with shipping and customs so i was waiting to see how good this SFA stick was. I could see myself, wondering how the joystick was compared to the square found in the japanese sticks. And I could easily see my self use the term gate since that is what I see others use. I have seen some of the videos/website that tells you about the differences but not everyone has. So is it that hard to simply respond in a more nicer way to someone trying to learn. If not then simply don’t respond and hopefully someone else will. After all this is a forum, and yelling, cursing really goes no where since we probably will never meet you face to face. and Since forums are suppose to be where people talk and ask questions about things, it shouldn’t be a great surprise when you see a more simple question. it is a Tech SUPPORT forum after all, no different than someone going to compusa tech support, Knows very little about computers and ask a stupid question that probaly doesn’t have anything to do with the problem that is affecting his computer.

Um, nuts to the word “gate” and semantics. You have negative vibes N-Ken, chill out. If I bought this stick stock, is the stick good? Buttons? What are the respective parts comparable too?

So will you ruin the art work if you try to replace the stick with a comp one? And is there a possibility to wiring a 360?

No you wouldn’t ruin the artwork, and I don’t see any reason why there would be a problem wiring up a P360 to it. It should be fairly easy.

as far as the parts.

Joystick = Bao Lien clone of a Happ Super = X-Arcade (which they build for)
Buttons = Soft Japanese style switches w/ crappy tops = RedOctane Old Style buttons