Street Fighter Anniversary Tribute - Street Fighter I


Hello, I am Reinhold a big Street Fighter fan and gamer since around 1987. The year when Mega Man came out…or Legend of Zelda (outside Japan) and also this new game with a red haired young boy named Ryu that was released in arcades and was not so well and not remembered until Street Fighter II practically revolutionized games in general.

Beside being just another random gamer I was able to create my own little website game-art-hq when I was (still am) sick and at home for over a half year, with no perspective about my future health status. So I learned a bit webdesign and somehow, now years later there is this whole community of awesome artists that join my video game art collaboration ideas.

Long speech, I just want to introduce the maybe biggest Street Fighter fan art collaboration to you since our last one back in 2012.

The character illustrations are accompanied by descriptions of the characters and their roles in the specific game, there are also personal words by the artists about Street Fighter and their experiences with the series and last but not least each artist gets a feature as well.

We are going to cover all Street Fighter games and characters with 2 illustrations per character. And yes, that will even include Raul Julia’s Bison from Street Fighter: The Movie and of course all Street Fighter EX characters as well.

We started this project in December 2016 and it will continue through the whole year. We are just finishing the last gallery for Lee from the original Street Fighter now. The whole Street Fighter (1987) gallery with the first 24 illustrations will be online on this Saturday. Next Tuesday (ofcourse!) we are jumping to all 19 playable Street Fighter II Series characters.

You can see the Street Fighter I Gallery already, some small changes will be made there still till Saturday when we publish it officially

Our Street Fighter II Series Gallery is hopefully available somewhen in April. It starts next Tuesday and if you are an artist and want to participate in it, have a look at
We do the whole organizing via deviantART.

Our first Street Fighter Tribute back in 2012 was featured by Capcom itself, some of the illustrations for it even landed in the official Anniversary Art Book. As a gamer myself and fan of lmost all SF games it is damn exciting to see so many talented artists coming together to celebrate the good and not so good character designs.

Hope some of you will like this project as well, it is damn fun to work on something like this!

Happy weekend, RH