Street Fighter Anniversery Collection chances?

What are my chances at finding this game for the original Xbox?
where could I look I know gamestop is pretty crappy and probably
wouldnt have it so any suggestions?

Amazon and Ebay have tons.

The game or stick? Cuz the GS near me has like 50 copies for $20 each. I dunno about online though

Thats true but it would be easier on me if i were able to find it in store
the game BTW

Did you search on the GS website, and in-store availability?

i was in store actually a while ago and there wasn’t any.

i do know a employee there and they tend to hide the games they want for them selves behind the counter
off topic he showed me MvC2 for ps2 one night hidden behind a counter locked lol

You should get the PS2 version anyways its the version used in tourneys, plus XBL 3s is garbage

I got PS2 MvC2 for free from a friend, he didnt want it anymore, this was back in '03-'04

i totally would but i dont have a ps2 :frowning:

I’m looking at my copy right now. do you want it?

I guess you only mean 3s tourneys as ST Vega is nearly unplayable in Hyper Street Fighter 2 due to his botched wall jump input. The only thing that ticks me off about it from being the near perfect SF2 collection game.

is this some cruel joke being played on an '09er? lol

no I am serious. I don’t have an xbox anymore and I could care less for the game. Do you have anything that you might want to trade for it? then again this isn’t the thread to discuss trades and sales so just PM me.

Why buy it on XBOX? The netplay scene is dead and you’d be better off playing HSF2/3S on 2DF or GGPO.

As for the PS2 version, both it and “Street Fighter Alpha Anthology” were, out of nowhere, re-printed like mad about a year ago (presumably by Capcom, perhaps GDC?). They’re pretty easy to find EVERYWHERE now, just don’t go buy them at GS…they probably took the new copies that they received, opened them up and sold them as used.

Prior to the re-print, SFAC was kinda difficult to get ahold of, and SFAA was becoming scarce. I ended up paying $50 for a new copy of PS2 SFAC not too long before it was re-printed and dirt cheap everywhere. GOD does that one still sting. Capcom probably did it to cash in on the wave of anticipation over SF4.

On the topic of Hyper Street Fighter II and 3S, which versions in which regions were these games released where Vega’s Walldive input was fixed and 3S’s replay function didn’t crap out sometimes?

If you go to the Gamestop site, and look for it click on it and type ur zip code it tells u which store nearest to u has it

I have both ps2 and xbox versiosn of hyper street fighter 2…unfortunately someone stold my ps2 so i can no longer play my cvs2…but they’re cheap now so i’ll get a ps2 sooner or later.