Street Fighter Arcade Question

Ok … so I’m interested in Street Fighter 2 arcade rigs. However, I’ve had trouble finding one for a reasonable price. So, I’m looking into converting another cabinet into a Street Fighter II cabinet. Does anyone know what it would require to convert an original street fighter cabinet into a street fighter II system? Would I just need the ‘B’ or game board, or would I need a new ‘A’ board as well? Was the original Street Fighter set up in a jamma cabinet? Could you recommend any other games that might be easy to convert into a SF II cab?


sf II? runs on cps1… as in there is only 1 board
super sf2 turbo is Cps2
and sfiii is cps3

all run differently… so you’d need jamma, hardware(cps1 board, cps2 a/b boards, cps3 mobo/game/cdrom ++, etc.)…

Would SF I come in a jamma cabinet? I can get a SF I cab at a pretty reasonable price. From there, would it be pretty easy to hook up a CPS1 SF II board?

why not just buy a sf2 cabinet?

i don’t think sf1 is jamma unless it is the 6 button edition.

Not exactly true.

CPS1 consists of 3 boards, the A Board(CPU), the B Board(ROM), and the C board(I/O), and some Q-Sound CPS1 games came with D boards for Q-Sound. While it’s possible to swap the A board between SF2(and CE/HF) and a small list of other games, I’m fairly certain Final Fight is on that list too.

However, CPS1 boards unlike 2, were all distributed with the matching A, B, C and rarely D boards.

Now, I’m guessing you mean SF1 not SF2. Unless you get one with giant bop pads, it’s going to be JAMMA + Kick harness, like SF2(if you meant SF2, then well, there’s your answer). The giant bop pads are a PITA and unless you get a cab with them installed, I wouldn’t recommend it.

aah… when i see them sold on ebay it looks like a single board… my bad.