Street Fighter Arcade Stick Keychain - $7.99

You’ve probably seen them before. Don’t think you can find them cheaper anywhere. It’s on clearance here right now.

This is so much better than that lame TE keychain with hex key.

^ keep tellin yourself that.

Awesome find. If only I could get the TE one as well.


hey mark you have to do something i need one of those te keychain, tell madcatz to put those on sale

i need one !!!

I will. I must be jealous that you have the whole 14-18 year old male demographic on your nuts about the key chain…

u mad?

thats coo,

i’m here for the community. what are you here for? those keychains you did post are pretty cool tho, good deal.

ordered one a sagat version of these a few days ago.

hmmm, what about a mod where we put this pcb into a hollowed out TE keychain. LOL

Now I would pay to have one of those!

That guy is not OP :stuck_out_tongue:

My bad gigamaster89! Thank you, you did the good work. <3

Word of warning, although cool looking, these are the sh1test thing ive ever bought. i dont know how best to describe how poor they are…i have the ryu one. i can get hadokuns out (maybe like 20% of time, going up to 75% when i hit a sweet spot). but shoryuken. forget it. the stick simply does not move properly. ultra? etc, ive never ever heard it! absoute rubbish and to top it off, i dropped mine lightly on the table the other day (lightly flung it away from me after another rubbish session) and the thing broke after the weakest collision ever. utter crap, simple as.

I intend to put the electronics of this into my Dhalsim stick. Hope it works.

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

I’m just giving you shit MarkMan. Hope the internets here isn’t taken too seriously.

Well it’s really neat that they have the sound making joystick keychain but I find it really essential to have a hex key around at all times. You dunno how many times people ask me for tools when their jab key dies in the middle of a tournament. Markman, PLEASE put those hex keychain up for sale. I know people are going to be asking for that tool in a last minute situation.

That keychain is nice but the Madcatz TE one is a bit better in my opinion.

Looks like total shit, in my opinion, Id rather own the TE one sorry but ill be honest since no one here want’s to man up the one in the link reminds me of a fucking NES Advantage.

Aw, I was thinking these were the TE keychains with the hex key.

as i said before, utter crap. Id def buy the hex key TE stick tho