Street Fighter Auction on Ebay All ISSUES for Sale

Hey everybody … i’m selling my Street Figther issues on Ebay as well as my Dark Stalkers and Summer Specail issue … I figure i’ve read them … and i have the Round One: Fight TPB. So i’ll pick up the individual issues and when the TPB’s come out sell the old issues for them. I’m selling:

SF #0 - 14
Dark Stalkers #1 - 4
Summer Special with Rival Schools cover

Sorry i’m only selling to the USA because of currency exchange. I can’t get them transferred into american dollars. Here’s the link to my auction.

check it out and keep and eye out for more to come. :clap:

Interesting. I’ll definately place a bid when i get some ends. (friday)


Cool … i just typed in Udon Lot into ebay and another person is selling issues 0-13 and it’s going for $27 … i’m selling what they are plus issue 14, summer special and all of the dark stalkers stuff. I swear … if i had a blank CD i’d throw in the scans i have of the Cammy V DeeJay and Sagat back stories … but alas … i’m out of CD’s at the moment.

I’m hoping i’ll be getting atleast $25 because i wan to get the Dark Stalkers DVD mini series off of ebay with this money.

Thanks for taking an interest. And of course you know that the comics don’t have spots on them … that’s just what happened after i scanned them and shrunk the pictures.

Tonight i’m putting up another auction of comics too … it’ll have Cannon Busters #1 in it as well as Vampi Visous(sp): Rampage #1 (cover done by Udon). I’ll post up a link after the auction is up and running. Thanks guys.

If anyone is interested i also have:

Final Fantasy Auction:

and my wife is selling some Bratz Dolls:

any how … i’ll probally check back in later tonight with the link to the other comic auction … t.t.f.n! … :tup:

I’m watching your auction, Irish.

I care less about the DS issue - I’ve been looking for a solid set of the SF comics though.

you rock

Man thanks … all the love is incredibly appreciated. I really hope i’m gonna be able to get my DS dvds…

I just set up my other auction. Here it is:

This one has 3 ties in with Udon. Age of Apocalypse one shot with Alvin Lee (Udon artist), Vampi Vicious:Rampage (cover by Udon), and Lesean Thomas’ Canon Buster #1 by Udon.

Check it all out my friends. I’m probally gonna stop by once a day to see how things are doing … and you know to check up on questions about the auctions. You guys are the best! :party:

You know, if you accept PayPal, your auctions will go for a craplot more. For example, I was able to get the SF comics #1-5 for $2.25 from a seller who didn’t use PayPal, when a single issue #1 went for ~$10 off a PayPal auction.

I’m just saying.

yeah i know

I know … but my computer is very prone to virus’ and i’m trying to minimalize the ammount of banking information on the web. I figure Money orders, EVERYONE can get at the super market.

Damn. I just bid $21 but it wasn’t enough. Ah well. Hope you stack chips from this.

I’ve been outbid! Who would do this to me? $30, I don’t know that might be too steep. I’ll decide near the end of the auction.

just a quick reminder

… just a quick remind of the value of my auction. Remember: This is everything STREET FIGHTER EVER PRINTED IN COMIC FORM(with the exception of the 2 back stories). I’ve seen auctions selling a certain number of issues but where and when will you ever find an auction that sells 0-14, Summer specail and throws in DS 1-4? this is the complete Capcom fighting collection right now.

For those of you just getting into SF, if you’ve read a comic and like what you saw … this is a cheap price to get everything you’ve missed out on. Easier way to play catch up than to purchase each at an online store or buy them back ordered from comic stores. It’s practially at half the price of the collection now… it’s still quite the bargin.

Pimp that auction son!!! :clap:


… i try … thanks …lol


… this is the last day of the auction … bid now or forever hold your peace. :sad: