STREET FIGHTER BAR FIGHTS #1 - Pasadena, CA - 04/05/09 - SF4

Hey guys, just wanted to make an official thread for the very first drumroll


Street Fighter Bar Fights is a night of exhibition matches between the biggest names and best players in Southern California Street Fighter 4!

It is NOT a tournament! Think of this as boxing/wrestling but for Street Fighter. It’s a spectator event and it’s going to be held at Jake’s in Pasadena which is a pool hall.

I suck at making these posts look organized so hopefully it’ll come together as time goes on.

**Where: **Jake’s Billiards in Pasadena
When: April 5, 2009 at 5PM!
Why: Because tournaments don’t necessarily provide great matches between great players all the time. Sure, Top 8 is always exciting, but these matches were chosen by myself because I consider them to be the most interesting matches that SoCal has to offer.
How much: FREE!
All ages? YES!
Who is hosting the show? Victor “dogface” Ratliff of The Dogface Show!
More info:

Hype Video
Check out this video filmed by Mike Ross of me talking about the event:

Hype Poster!
Web version:
Hi-res 300DPI suitable for printing:
Design by D.S.H.:

Main Event:
**Ed Ma (Ken) vs. Combofiend (Balrog)
**#1 Ken player in the USA takes on the #1 Balrog player in the USA. HOLY CRAP! :wow:

Other matches include:
somuchdamage (Sagat) vs. Mike Ross (E. Honda)
The most dangerous Sagat player in California takes on the best E. Honda in America. somuchdamage’s team recently won the 3v3 at California Regionals and Mike Ross won his Gamestop Round 3 tournament and got 5th place at Final Round out of 243 players!

gootecks (Balrog) vs. Kai (El Fuerte)
Hrm well, you know me, I won Sinsation Fight Club, got 2nd at Final Round this weekend. Kai got 3rd in points during Season 1 of Arcade Infinity’s Ranking Battle and has the most electrifying El Fuerte in America, if not THE WORLD!

Ken I vs. Bobino (RUFUS MIRROR MATCH!)
Ken I is the Legend of the Orange Sweatshirt. 'Nuff said. Bobino won California Regionals. This is a rematch of their epic battle at CR!

Dae (Chun Li) & BustaBust (Abel) vs. Keno (Balrog) + ???
Dae and Busta are two of Denjin Arcade’s best players and Keno is a rising star from Video 94. Keno is playing with a mystery partner who hasn’t yet been revealed, even to me!

Sanchez (M. Bison) vs. Bebop (Vega)
Two of the hypest dudes in SF4! Sanchez recently got 2nd at the Gamestop Citywalk tournament that was featured on G4 and you know Bebop as the best Vega player in California!

Contests & Giveaways
In addition to all of that craziness, we are having contests! The first one is:

**Beat a Pro 2 out of 3, Win $500!
**This is going to be held from 5-6PM. If you can beat one of our pros (not sure who yet, but trust, it’s going to be one of the big boys) 2 out of 3 games, you’ll win $500 cash!

You are not eligible for this contest if we are on a first name basis or you have placed Top 8 in a SF4 tourney. Sorry guys, this is really to inspire guys who are trying to get better or at home playing their buddies, not to have established players show up and try to take my money. I have the final say on this, hope you guys understand.

Trial Mode Contests
In between matches, we’re going to have Trial Mode contests, where if you can do certain trial mode combos in 3 tries or less, you’ll win a prize! So far, we have 3 Chun Li statues straight from Capcom to give away. These are the coveted Chun Li statues that were given away at the launch party last month.

Madcatz 360 Tournament Edition Stick Raffle
We are giving away one Madcatz TE for the 360. You’ll need a raffle ticket to win!

Frequently Asked Questions
**Q:**Is this event all ages?
**A:**Yes it is!

Q: Is this a tournament?
**A: **Nope! Come to drink, eat and watch the best SoCal SF4 has to offer!

Q: Are the raffle tickets free?
**A: **The first one is free when you sign up for our mailing list. If you want more than one, you can buy them for $1 at the event

i wish i lived in socal :confused:

im glad that sinsation motivated you guys to do exhibitions

i hope this turns out well for you guys

I’m coming! Literally. This will make me jizz in my pants.

This seems cool, I’ve put it on my calendar.

keno! who is your partner?!? im dying to know :slight_smile:

I am.


Cant wait to move out to Cali!

Keep up the good work Goo!

I’ll be attending this!

Look forward to testing my Gen vs Top players!

i know keno
who is your partner ? =)

I’ll be there!

this EVENT is going to be GDLK. EVERYONE should go

My partner plays a charge character. The best player of that character that I have ever faced! Justin Wong are you going to show up to this event?

I go to school right down the street(PCC) so I’m definitely showing up. I advice everyone in the Pasadena area to show up and support the scene as these kinds of events don’t really happen all that much.

glad to see this stickied so soon.

okay just got the finished poster in:

Hype Poster!
Web version:
Hi-res 300DPI suitable for printing:
Design by D.S.H.:

I am so bummed that my flight is leaving that morning…I might try and arrange something so I can go…

how you gonna be all the way over here and go back to atlanta BEFORE bar fights?? :tdown:

I’ll try and arrange something :rock:

This is an epic idea ryan!!! You tha man yo!