Street Fighter Bar Fights I - 04/05/09 - Results - SF4

short post, super tired, more later:

Sanchez vs. Bebop
Dae/Busta vs. Keno/fuson909
Ken I vs. Bobino
gootecks vs. Kai
somuchdamage vs. Mike Ross
Ed Ma vs. Combofiend


Congrats on the event Ryan. Wish I coulda made it. Better be another one soon I hope.

Wow Keno + secret partner Fuson is a scary ass team.

Bobino’s been Rufus since day one (unless he picked someone else).

This was definitely fun, fun seeing EVERYONE I can’t do shout outs b/c there are TOO MANY FUCKIN NAMES but I <3 everyone, seriously :slight_smile:

sooo uhhhh what is the reason Bobino isn’t on the wc 5v5 team again?:confused:

when I heard keno and fuson I was like @.@
I wish I coulda been there…

hopefully there is another before evo in the summer. I would def fly out.

btw gootecks, I need an hour with you on psn bro. I donated to your fund son, now pay your debts! :X

and make another sf secrets podcast! the first volume was really informative! Edma or cfiend plz

aw man, thanks gootecks for throwing this event. This was the best event i’ve ever been to that was street fighter related. Great stuff, and THANK YOU to everyone who made the drive out to support this shit.

Street Fighter 4!

gg’s to keno and fuson. erg stupid lag but i wasnt there to win i was there to have fun. so many shoutouts im not even gonna list it. seriously though shit was fun and it was awesome hanging out with you dudes again along with meeting some new people. also good shit ryan, this was a HUGE success and it was crazy. so much HYPE it was ridiculous.

too bad i didnt make it, but hopefully ill go to the next one.

gg’s to dae and busta…shit was intense! i was just hoping for the auto turn around with guile’s ultra and just got lucky with that (first time that has ever happened in about 50 tries…which convinced me the console version is a bit more user friendly)
gootecks…you took SF to the next level tonight…to see people outside the SF4 core audience who were genuinely interested in watching the matches just blew my mind…congrats on the beyond successful turnout man…an innovation of entertainment and competition within the community and new life brought to the fighting game culture if you ask me

Congrats winners, hopefully it inspires someone to host something like this on the EC.

god damn
i’ve been reading the results and watched some vids … that place was PACKED!

congrats on the turn out!

i wonder if something like this is feasible in Toronto … hmmmmm

To add to tonight’s stats. :tup:

Beat A Pro stats:
(In the front console) Combofiend - 35 consecutive wins - 0 losses
(In the back console) Ed Ma - 25 consecutive wins - 0 losses

so who was the girl that answered “Name 3 secret characters from Marvel 1”

anyone have her number?

Good times indeed, was nice seeing such a strong turn out. The raffle system was really fun as well, the capacity was RIDICULOUS.

I gotta say I was really happy to see so many entrants picked for the play a pro session. Rose stuff was great, and the sets with ed ma and combofiend I especially enjoyed.

hella crazy night

sitting on the stairs looking down at one room, seeing the ENTIRE room packed, and all of them watching Combo vs Ed was amazing. i didn’t realize it at the time, but that was only one of the 3 rooms, all of which were packed to sweaty hell.

barfights 2!


From the events thread:

Also just came back from Bar Fights - It was too HYPE that it was at max capacity and at times the Jake’s staff were getting pretty strict on letting people to the main area. It was nice chatting up quick with familiar folks from Ranbat 2.1, Mike Ross, Keno, Bebop, Luka, Sanchez, and Dogface. I think no one won 500 bucks from the Beat a Pro contest. Plus, the main area was pretty much an oven full of dudes that I felt like I was at the desert.


Luka for being too hype as always.
Sanchez for first hit bets during the Kai/Gootecks match.
Dae and Keno for showing skin during the team match.
Roseball is indeed too hype - I agree with Kai that it is the greatest game ever.
I Got Next trailer didn’t really work.
Yes there will be a DVD of this - hopefully next month (don’t know about YouTube - check other people’s YouTubes that shot the thing).
Bebop for remembering me - Next time I’ll bring some Sour Skittles…
Dogface for MCing - Happy Birthday!!
Most of all Gootecks for making this whole thing happen.

Bar Fights #2 coming soon!!!

Yes, if u live at SoCal and didn’t go, u missed out!!

ryan good shit putting this all together man u deserve huge props. i really had no idea how big sf4 can be but now im starting to see it. sf community >>>> tekken community by far and thx to everyone who came out to support the event, it only helps fuel more bar fights and other events

Bars + SF4 = so much hype
Shirtless Dae + Shirtless Keno = so much homo
The ANSWER + The Balance = so much samoans
IronFist + So Luscious = so much drinking
Somuchdamage + Combofiend + Gootecks (A.K.A. Team West Coast) = SO MUCH DOMINATION!

The rest of the world ain’t seeing our game.

i just happened to be in the area and remembered my friend saying something about bar fights at jakes.

man, that was bananas. turnout was crazy. it was a mission just to go to the bathroom.