Street Fighter Beginners guide

great! thank you very much for that link!

You sure like using a lot of words for something so simple. The first part is just talking about how you like the game, the second part is just saying don’t randomly press buttons or jump into the air, the third part is just saying you have to find out how to do combos. Your advice is to accept many loses and learn from it, that isn’t good advice from a teacher.

lol ok thanks for the input but how would you have rather seen it then? I dont agree with you yet because I think you dont fully understand what I mean by everything stated yet but I came here for advice so I’m happy for any tips and maybe it turns out you were right and I need to edit the guide :slight_smile:

i definetly don’t agree with the myself talking about how i like the game though since i dont see myself doing that anywhere :slight_smile:

Don’t hold me as a valid judge or anything but I have to say I really enjoyed reading it (aside from the lack of some editing and stuff but I’ll let it slide) and would definitely take a lot of this to heart back when I was first getting into fighters. I’m still trying to fight those urges, Santa. :smiley: As for the guide itself, with some structuring, editing and maybe remove some unnecessary stuff (you be the judge, it’s your work) I believe it will help a lot of fresh players.

Anything in particular? You can tell a person to go fishing and learn from his mistakes or you can teach him how to fish and do it correctly the first time. Of course input is important but that’s just elementary. As someone else said mind games, mindset whatever you call it is the next thing.

Common Use/ When your close enough to the other person they can’t jump over the projectile in time, around medium kick distance has a high chance of hitting or will force the other person to block. Sometimes use ex projectile to hit the other person trying to do the same thing or will often create pressure since they took an ex chip damage.

Far enough that they will jump over the projectile but you’ll be able to hit them on their way down a tad past sweep distance, hardly anyone jumps straight up due to being harder to avoid a projectile that way, often the best time to use a triple projectile.

At the corner, if you space yourself at the right distance to where by the time the projectile hits that by the end of their block stun or hit stun your able to use another projectile you can easily get a two hit combo with just projectiles or if they are blocking you can constantly keep using projectiles pretty much non stop unless they do something about it either jumping etc.

Projectile defense
Common Options/ Close range, no one ever uses a projectile while stepping forward. If they take a slight step back or pause at a close distance it means they are going to use a special move or baiting. That brief stop is to not mix up movement with input. Better players tend to mask it with a light punch or something so there isn’t movement but that also leaves them open for a counter hit. Even if they use light punch it doesn’t mean they’ll use a projectile, they could easily use crouching heavy punch as anti air if you jump too early. The best defense would be being close enough to hit before they can use a projectile or far enough to jump on reaction to cross up.

When further back jumping over a projectile, if it’s against Dhalism just jump over the projectile kick as your landing will hit his punches then walk backwards so Dhalism is out of your range. Also when jumping after Dhalism jump as he is falling downwards so when you jump your attacks are higher and will hit his punches on your way down if he uses any. If your character has a dive kick or something make use of it when further back so there’s less air time for you to get punished. If there’s that much distance where the projectile is coming at you but you wont jump until the other person is able to attack again just dash backwards then jump over it. Or if it’s an ex you can probably even jump backwards to avoid it.

There are other things but go figure. Here’s a guide on focus attack others liked.

( Make a guide that doesn’t tell a person what to do or what something is but how they can do it so they can make the most use of a situation and be able to have good defense when dealing with it. )

Distance and speed changes all the time based on the other player but it’s always the same moves you learn from tutorial.

Another thing.

Some options/ Something as simple as repeating a move in a row. It could be something as ridiculous as pressing crouch two times then using a projectile, and only crouch when using a projectile so when you do it again at the same speed they think your going to use a projectile and you get a free hit from their stupidity as they jump over simply because they saw you crouching two times.

Doing the motion of an uppercut without pressing the attack button, if they block gives you a good chance to grab them. If they use an uppercut your in block and could easily punish them.

Moving back and forward, I often crouch in-between, since medium attacks are slower don’t typically have much range most will use sweep kick. Keep in mind you shouldn’t use the same distance. Moving will often force you to stop when your being attacked so it gives you better reaction and you know that if the other person is going to attack it’s most likely going to be when your moving forward. When the other person thinks your going to move back you can get in easier by simply still moving forward probably get a free grab even. Crouching is a better illusion and it’s better to block crouching when moving.

( There’s much more, there isn’t a way to win but give us advice on how to increase your chances of winning. Don’t just say something but give detail, pick any subject. Though I played a lot of matches and I tend to win a lot so pretty confident not to mention everything makes sense and is very reasonable. )

ok you convinced me in a way! thank you very much for your input =) i now see your point even though I think that most of what you said is simply the next level i refered to (like the cross counter guide which explains exactly what you just said) or rather character specific, while this guide is directed to people who litterally just picked up a fighting game for the first time to players that can finaly grasp the guides and articles provided by gootecks and sirlin etc. i will still use some of what you said and review the guide though.

thank you for your the input man! i see what you mean on the unnecessary stuff, the intro talk right? i’ll look into it and into some gramar editing too hahaha

Don’t forget if you want to have an advantage over the other guy you have to know longer combos, by god there are a lot of combo videos on this site.

Did learning from your mistakes kill your whole family or something? If there wasn’t any tangible worth from doing this, then nobody would be imposing it on newbs in the first place. From an analytical approach, you point out any mistakes you did in an online match by watching a replay of it. It’s literally right there in front of your eyes. You make learning from losses sound superficial. Besides, it’s unavoidable that a newbie will lose a lot anyway. Starting out, he shouldn’t worry about whether he wins or loses, just getting better.

Heres a great video that helped me a lot in the past. He also has a complete web channel that explains everything in full detail. If he dosent the he accepts emails as well. Great guy to talk to.


It’s not necessary to use a hostile tone. How old is street fighter? No one learns the ABCs by trail and error. Also that FADC video only talks about canceling out for a longer combo.

i just posted that one up. The guy that makes those has many other covering many other things. Personally i think that they are done really well. And yes he does show you that but the point of the video is to show you how to FADC then ways to build on it.

It feels that you put a lot of heart into it and that’s what has obviously gotten me to appreciate it. I guess one of the things you need to look out for if there is too much information being dispensed or if you are just sounding like you are rambling. You are probably the best judge for such things as you are the one who knows exactly what you want to convey to your readers.

Sorry for sounding hostile. :stuck_out_tongue:

You get better by practicing the things you are weak in. If getting your ass handed to you is an inevitability for a new player, why shouldn’t you accept your losses? And studying a match replay that you lost is still technically learning.


yep i’ll give some pointers in some general subjects but i do not want to get into too specific things since that is not the goal of this guide. specific match up info and strategies are supposed to be found in those sections (like character subforums)

thanks man i apreciate that. you have any specific sections you’re talking about? i’ll edit the guide after the weekend with some stuff

everybody thank you very much for your input and reactions, keep them comming and i’ll review the guide next week :slight_smile: <3

@ brusque i’ll answer your questions one by one:

no…no one can. simply because there is no " one-right-way" to play this game or else everybody would have done that and all games would end in a draw.

do the things I told you to do in the guide, skip the derailing for now, I’ll try to delete them or replace them so you can skip reading them (i’m not sure what i’ll do yet). read those very specific things I tell you there to do and do them. yes they are indeed very specific things more than you probably realise. however, yes it also asks of you that you input some work and do some research yourself since it’s no use to discribe every blockstring over every character here while you can just look them up.

you want the only true answer to this? its the player that gets his opponents healthbar to 0 before his opponent does this to him.
this may sound childish and like i’m not taking you seriously but it is the only basic and absolute truth in this game and it seems to me that some people want to read some lines and just beat the shit out of anybody but what they don’t understand is that this game requires insight, muscle memory and reflexes and experience is the ONLY way to reach that. you want to get good at something by just reading how to do it? then just go and do…oh wait…sorry there is nothing in the world that you can instantly learn by just reading about it.

you need to get in the lab and practice stuff so you can get experience with that. this guide gives you some specific pointers on what you should be training on. DO it.

and like i said i’ll update next week with some basic tips on projectile-game , zoning, getting in without jumping etc but you’ll have to wait until then :slight_smile:

troll banned, troll posts deleted, don’t respond to the trolls, use the report button.


I know you spent a lot of time typing this but it’s pretty much unorganized rambling. I made a guide a while back that is pretty organized… I posted it on here once and no one ever used it I think. People like making new threads for questions they have rather than reading existing information… guides that are organized poorly really make people overwhelmed and just want to ask people instead of sifting through them.

I dont think that your right for saying this. People that dont know what there looking for or have just started playing a game might not know where to start. Rather than giving tips to help you start bashing their work, in a place like this we need to be more worried about helping each other rather than trying to get one up. And i looked at your guide. You have done some great work. Hopefully you will write another one sometime and share that one with us as well.