Street Fighter Belgium


Belgian Street Fighter players looking for a place to start, or just want to get some matches in, feel free to contact myself, and join this new Facebook group :

Considering there aren’t a lot of BE players around, I suppose gathering the select few could be fun :slight_smile:


Im dutch and I live in the dutch part limburg so I could come but my french is horrible.


From where in Limburg are you? I’m from there aswell… Diepenbeek, next to Hasselt :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m from brussels, palying on 360. Tag is PHDStrangelove

Edit: Btw, that isn’t a group on facebook, just a page. Just saying :wink:


This news is pretty good for Belgium SF:
a new arcade opened in Brussels, concentrating on fighting games: eLive Arena


For those who are intrested, I’m going to organise a meeting with a buddy of mine in Antwerp.

The website is in dutch, but if you have any questions you can put them there or here ^^


Anyone near the Mons area?


I’m dutch too, and interested in some online sparring. feel free to add me if interested. i mainly play Chun Li.

PSN: TurboSjaak


I am actually about to board a plane OTW to Brussels. I will only be in Belgium for about a week, but I’m kind of awesome at SF4 and UMVC3 if anyone is down for some matches. Very interested in checking out that arcade. I have been in Bahrain for the past 9 months and fear I have been getting rusty. No competition out there.


That arcade is impossible to find.


Hi Guys,

Let’s resurrect this dead thread with great news.

We will organize monthlies in Liege starting 17/08/13, you can catch us here:



See You there!


Greetings everyone!
I’m from Antwerp and would be interested in having sparring sessions with pretty much anyone.

XBL: Ralenzo
PC: Angerus
PSN: Angerus-1337



I’m from South-Holland, online several times throughout the day.
Almost always looking for more endless matches.

Steam: Inf Mizer

I hope to see you soon.


Hello everyone,

I’m from Antwerp and recently started playing SF4 again.
I’m looking for people to play/practice with.

Steam (SSF4AE): Chyrill ( )
Xbox360 (USF4): RealChyrill

I have yet to renew my XBL sub, so mainly playing on Steam atm. But feel free to add me eitherway :D.


Hi everyone, Im wondering if you guys run weeklies or something?
We are a FGC from germany nrw area and we meet up in our dojo in Solingen very near to Duesseldorf.
Let me know if you are interested in a sort or community exchange .
Would be really nice to meet you guys and antwerp area is not to far away from us. We can pick you up at the train station and even take care of sleeping accomodation.
We will have a big evo event where we run a tournament and also watch evo livestream at the same time its gonna be awesome.
Check out our Youtube Channel


Hello, I am staying in Belgium for the month (in Zaventem). I enjoy Super Turbo, Third Strike, Alpha 2 (and SF IV if I have to). I would love to meet some Belgium old school players if there are any around? Are there any arcades in the city?

Would love to meet any of the Belgium SF scene,



if there are any low-level players in Brussels, we could practice :wink:

@jeaux : Didn’t see your post earlier, it’s a shame, I work on Zaventem Airport. Are you still there?


Is there a SF4 scene in Antwerp? I’ve just picked up USFIV, my first fighting game, and looking forward to trying KI too when it gets released on pc.


Anybody who lives in Brussels and wants to have offline sessions, feel free to add me :

@thetok I live 10 min from the Zaventem airport :slight_smile:


Hey, so offline sessions are a possibility then !
My gf plays too, but I’d appreciate other offline competiton :wink:
Already have a lot of people to play with, but all are >300km away, so only online atm