Street Fighter Best 3 Tips?

Hey all, I have an assignment for one of my electives asking us to give 3 tips to help a new person excel at a video game. While I understand hardly anybody in the class will be able to handle anything complex (I doubt I will see any classmates picking up FADC -> SRK anytime soon), I still found it hard to narrow down a top 3.

Combo execution?

What should I focus on for my 3 tips?

edit: btw, I will be playing the game in class, so these likely need to be tips I can visually demonstrate for the class.

The big 4: Footsies, Defense, Execution, and Patience. Choose any 3 of them.

Interesting course =).

I guess for someone completely new to the game basic combo execution is the first thing to learn, then they could start throwing in some crossups and after that also blockstrings, don’t know if you want to include this in execution. Then I guess footsies would be the next thing to start practising. This is all slightly character specific though.

1: Learn the range of your pokes.
2: Don’t be afraid to play lame when the situation arises.
3: Don’t jump.

And one more, try to practice as much as you play or more if you can.

yeah, my elective is sort of a joke. Teacher doesnt know how to teach it, or want to teach it, and all the assignments are simple.

And my first tip was likely going to be something along the lines of “Find a character that works well with you, or that you can identify with”

the big 4

1.30 sec rounds 2.xxxblackhawkdownxxx 3. mash 4.repeat

Be motivated to get better
Be patient

All things he can show visually in class, good job.

haha, he edited it since I first opened the thread

  1. If your getting battered, dont get angry and throw your controller/stick, stay calm and try to do the best you can at that moment. There have been many occassions where I’m getting battered in a round to the point where I’m gonna get perfected, only to step back as far away from the opponent, take a breather and then slowly work my way back in…only to end up winning the round!

2)Respect your opponent, no matter how little GP points they may have compared to you, or whatever character they might use.

3)Dont rage-quit or send nasty messages. If you’ve lost due to lag (playing online), dont stress, just take it on the chin and move on. If you get beat by a person doing the same thing, e.g. constant tiger shots from full distance, or Zangief cross-up mixup, tick throws (all characters), dont hate the opponent, try to figure out ways around the problem (read the forum match-up guides).

1 defense-teching throws, blocking, etc
2 execution-special moves, combos, general precision
3 spacing-footsies, anti air

  1. Spacing
  2. anticipate
  3. know your opponent character
  4. bait
  5. punisher
  6. choose a character that suit you and stick to it even if is it a bad match up you learn to beat their antics experiment with other.


6 /=/ 3

  1. Spacing
  2. Don’t throw out moves with bad recovery randomly
  3. Defense
  1. Safety.

Not throwing SRKs that you know are gonna get blocked and punished is the only thing players need to do to up their game.

That is all.

This is hugely important. New players always jump too much and get anti-aired and frustrated.

You should tell them to stay on their feet unless they are neutral jumping or know that their jump in will work.

If people aren’t constantly jumping, then spacing just comes naturally.

/=/ =/= =/=

!= > =/=

On topic, I agree that “don’t jump” is one of the most important things to know for new players, doubt you can milk that enough though…personally I’d go with:

  1. Footsies
  2. Defense (how to block OH’s, low hits, tech, maybe even option select tech)
  3. Combo execution

So then you could for 1., pick 2 randoms, let them use 2 chars of choice, restrict them to using (c.)mk and have them poke at each otehr while trying to avoid the other guys’ poke. Easy to understand and do. For 2. you could just hit them with a few overheads, low kicks, walldives, rainbow balls etc and tell them to try and block it. Really easy too. 3.,…trials #1 and #2? :stuck_out_tongue:

All that assuming they’re completely new to the game/fighting games- it wouldn’t really help them excel, but give them a quickstart.

i would personally teach:

negative edge, which would transition to two-in-1’s, and close with the super cancel (ryu as the example character)

those three flow into each other and would help a noob play better immediately. footsies and spacing is a concept that needs to be practiced and a mentality that would be a little beyond a beginner’s grasp. actual mechanics can be applied right away, although the application may not be optimal, at least that have a better grasp of the engine and how to use it.

2. Win again
3. Never forget to win

But seriously, don’t stray away from using lame tactics to win a game. If a guy keeps falling for sweep on wakeup, then by all means keep sweeping. You’re competing to beat your opponent, not to give him a show.