Street Fighter Best 3 Tips?

I don’t think the best 3 tips will necessarily make for a good presentation.

Footsies are important, but its also a very nebulous concept.

Execution to me is the most important thing, but how interesting will it be to explain to people something that basically boils down to drilling the same thing over and over in training mode?

At first I disagreed with RetroKid, because his suggestions aren’t necessarily among the most important aspects of SF, but they will probably make for a more interesting presentation. That and explaining the concept of safe and unsafe moves. I’d say try to keep things as specific to SF as possible, because a lot of the things that are important are also so general you could apply them to anything competive, and thats just kind of boring to me.

I think the best tips are:

  1. threads like this go in the noobie forum
  2. threads like this go in the noobie forum
  3. threads like this go in the noobie forum

They sound really similar, but in fact are completely different BTW

Well since your playing SF4 I would say that you should explain to everyone that being high is the best tip you can give anyone who wants to improve their game. So show everyone how to roll a joint, then how to light it, and finally how to smoke it. If it was marvel I would tell them to snort rails of the best coke possible since that game is on crack anyways.

  1. Execution/Mechanics

You can’t play the game without knowing how to, well, play the game. It’s like driving. You have to develop the coordination and muscle memory in order to drive. As such, you must have coordination and reflexes that allow you to physically produce the right moves. This is as basic as doing cr.forward xx Hadouken or as advanced as your 1-frame links. Execution, however, is the first tenet that separates the competitive player from the mashing scrub. Once you have the game’s basic execution down, it’s time to learn your character’s execution.

  1. Spacing/zoning/footsies

These three go hand in hand. Now that you know how to make each move/combo work, you must apply it to where. You’re not going to land that super from full screen (with some exceptions, obviously). That cr.forward of yours only goes so far. The player must understand the range of each move as it pertains to the opponent.

  1. Patience, Patience, Patience!

A lot of inexperienced players believe that, “If I smother the opponent with a flurry of punches, he won’t be able to escape!” Hence, you get mashers. Either because they believe that their attacks should just come out all the time, and that the opponent won’t be able to hit you. Or, they’re making sure any move comes out in the hope of hitting their intended target. This goes further, to the guy who has learned how to execute his moves, yet randomly throws out the Shoryu in the hopes that you’ll blindly run into it.


Hence, you, as the player, must learn to hold back until the moment is right to strike. Whether that means your opponent has left you an opening, or you, uh, better do something before you lose, stay cool! Every competition talks about how great players never crack under pressure; how the blood in their veins is ice-cold. An example. I was playing 3rd Strike at a tournament (using Alex), on the verge of defeat. I rushed in and, as a result, the guy, on wake-up, did EX Tatsumaki. From there, he tried to chip me by doing fierce SRK with Ken. Instead of panicking, I opted to stay cool and, well, staying cool paid off. Fierce Flash Chop, then close s.forward xx Boomerang Raid.

Patience also requires that you trust in what your character can do, and what you can do with your character. If your execution is crisp, then all you have to worry about is pinpointing that exact moment where you should attack and not worrying about when it will come.

1.Pick Sagat
2. Spam Tiger Shot

1.Pick Sagat
2. Spam Tiger Shot

  1. peace of mind (stay calm/don’t get frustrated with a loss/don’t get scared)
  2. be open to trying new strategies
  3. never give up

all of this is nice, but it’s also theory and a lot of e-chest puffing …spacing, zoning and footsies? c’mon now, how many of you who want to teach this actually have it down and are confident enough to teach it? how many of you grasp it enough to say you’re qualified to teach it? of course, everything is relative, and if you’re teaching folks who have never played the game, then maybe you’ll have something relevant to say, but what if someone in the class has better zoning, footsies and spacing? how much egg will be on your face? knowing concepts is a relative thing, but mechanics can be taught and it’s either you know them of you don’t, there isn’t a gray area and there isn’t a ‘better fireballer motioner’ somewhere. btw, this isn’t directed towards duralth specifically, but towards those of you who are suggesting spacing, footsies and zoning when more than half of you are getting most your ‘concepts’ from sonichurricane and just regurgitating them to sound informed.

Well if it’s for people completely new, I remember something from the infamous Tomo Tape: “Timing, Distance, and Reaction.” ([media=youtube]6OEXzKk5gkQ"[/media])

When they start learning combos:
“Daigo said, 'You can’t miss the link I’ll punish you.”-Chris Hsu

ahhh you beat me to it!!

I see your point. Granted, I think that those were the things you’d need to teach to someone new to the game (OP said something about how to excel in video games). Furthermore, giving them a tip like, “Never give up!” works exactly as that: a tip. My primary focus was simply things that seemed a little more tangible. As such, even if someone else in the class has better zoning, footsies, and spacing, that’s not the point. You’re the teacher. If they wanna teach it differently, then that’s fine.

If anything, it all boils down to one thing: practice. Put the time and effort in. Most of us, IMO, are just discussing different ways of practicing.

1.dont get thrown
2.dont get hit
3.dont lose

100% you will win all the time

just be sick.

Noob forum thread

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Spam Tiger Shots
Then do it again
Then do it again even if you lose

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  1. Play good ppl
  2. Play good ppl
  3. Or else you will always suck, no matter how good you think you are