Street Fighter Bible Theory

Here’s My Theory yall.about street fighter. hope u enjoy

think about it

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SF The Movie = Judas

dam, this is getting deep u know

let me ask a question: if shinji ikari played street fighter, who u think he plays?

It’s a good thing there aren’t threads for this shit. Though I’m not sure if they’d find this acceptable in the slightest.

Looks like blasphemy…


I’d say he would play melty blood

I dont recall a single reference to bible in whole SF universe

Wait, what? Comparing Third Strike to Jesus? If anything, Jesus is SNK.

Check it:
Father brought him back (Playmore, which merged with SNK)
Came back to life (after being bankrupt)
Killed by traitors (members of SNK left or decided to make really shitty games)
Has a huge following around the world, especially in South America
Turn water into wine ie: 98 into 98UM
Miracles as well as disasters, but definitely more disasters
Many well known Apostles such as KoF and Fatal Fury
Jesus called himself with many different names and one of them was “I am the bright and morning star”. SNK stands for Shin Nihon Kikaku which means New Japan Project. Japan is the land of the rising sun, thus referring to SNK being the bright and morning star.
Died for sins in the form of easy piracy.

REALLY? Sodom? Adon? Able? Ryu? Those names don’t ring a bell?

Sodom is based on the band Sodom’s “mascot”, Adon is a name based on Thai and Ryu is clearly a japanese name which means dragon, Abel…maybe. But anyway in SF series there are no christian religion references, only budhistst (Sagat and Adon’s stages just an exaple).

Adon looks like someone Able to Sodomize Ryu though

chinese myth dragon

terry bogard has long flowing hair much like another certain good guy savior

“life is hard” - shinji ikari

Well Abel and Seth can be based off of the biblical figures in from the book of Genesis. Abel was killed by his brother Cain and Seth kinda replaced Abel. In SFIV since Abel was “defective” because he escaped Shadaloo, Seth was kinda like Abel’s replacement in a sense.

In SFIII Gill is pretty much a wannabe messiah, starting controversial religions and resurrecting himself after being beaten to death. His Seraphic Wing SA is a reference to the seraphim, which are six-winged angels.

There must be some hindu too, with Dhalsim?

wat about marval

Marvel = Obi Wan Kenobi

wat about it