Street fighter BS

What are some of the biggest BS facts you’ve heard in sf?

I Was in a forum and some guy stated that bison could freeze time.:rofl:

What are some of the dumbest things you members have heard?

the biggest BS is when people say ken and ryu are blood brothers

Cammy and Chun-Li are sisters.

It’s not SF lore, but:

Was playing Alex vs. a random friend of a friend’s Dudley. Despite having decent reflexes, and at least some knowledge of the game, he seemingly didn’t understand how overheads worked. So I kept stomping him.

“Dude, Dudley has a move like that too, an air stomp thing.”

“…no he doesn’t.”

“Yeah yeah, damn, I just can’t remember how to do it, hold on.”

“I promise you that Dudley doesn’t have an air stomp in 3rd Strike.”

“No, dude, I swear, just hold on, let me figure it out.”

I spent the next few matches against him pounding on him while he was trying to figure out how to do Dudley’s “Air Stomp Thing.” No matter how many times I told him it didn’t exist, he kept at it. Was hilarious.

It’d be funnier if you just bet him that Dudley doesn’t have any kicks whatsoever and he tried to contest that.

Maybe he was a 2nd Impact player.

Even then, you weren’t supposed to use that move. :lol:

That was one move i wish made it to 3rd strike. Just for the cool factor

“Ryu get’s his power from the earth”

“Ryu defeated gill while oro watched”

“Guile pulls out a gun if you do several sonic booms”

Blanka is really Nash (Charlie).

To be fair this was in the godawful live action SF movie, wasn’t it?

Akuma is a super saijin

One thing I didn’t believe until I saw it for myself was that Gouki is Ryu’s father.

That was trippy.


Cody is a serial rapist :confused:

This, I actually won’t be surprised even if it was true. It just sounds funny lol.

iv said it before and ill say it again, bullshit!.

Mr Karate is dans father :rofl:

Charlie and Guile are brothers and Cammy is Guile’s daughter.

Sheng Long is in the game (doesn’t matter which one).

Dan can beat Gouki.

I like how two of Chun’s win quotes in 3S are references to shit like this. “Hey, leave me alone! I’m a fighter, not a news reporter!” being an SF movie reference, and “No, I’ve never throw any of my bracelets away. Why do you ask?” being a reference to the rumor that in SF2 you could throw her bracelets. Good shit.

I win this thread

Anybody on gamefaqs who says “there is no such thing as tiers” that’s the biggest pile of crap I have ever heard