Street Fighter Calendar?


One of my favorite alternate costumes is Cammy wearing the M Bison fit.

It got me wondering - has anyone ever made a calendar with hot chicks in skimpy versions of the original 12 street fighter costumes?


well, a google search turned up nothing, but I would be surprised if there are no such calendars around. Maybe hitting other boards will help out.



Actually yeah there has…Snaaaake’s mom did all 12 costumes for each month of the calender year. OMG you should see her Dhalsim costume w/ baby skulls…SO fn HOT!


lol I’m not sure if that’s another user on the board who you are friends with and poking fun at, or if it’s serious.

Either way, I’m going to be graduating soon, and one neat little piece of swag I’d really like - either for my apartment or (if it’s not in bad taste) for my job office is something cool that says “I’m a gamer.”


^ wtf - I didn’t type that. The only reason why I didn’t edit it is because I don’t know if I got hacked or not - either way, I didn’t type that.


it happened to me before too, i think the boards got hacked for a bit


I would like to get a calender with nice artwork of the characters for Xmas.


Yeah its a fellow SRK members mom name Snaaake but yeah im fucking dead serious. Snaaaake’s mom is pretty well known by all the regulars & old timers on SRKGD, she’s a total MILFOOG. Someone here must have the pics, maybe Shaft Agent or pm Snaaaake see if he’s cool, just tell him i sent you.


I’ve seen the female characters wearing Twelve’s costume.