Street Fighter Card Game

Anyone here play the SF card game by Sabertooth games ? I picked up two packs yesterday . ( Ken and Ryu starter decks. )

It looks like a lot of fun.

I never had the chance to play the Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter ones. But I don’t care anymore , now that I have a Ryu starter deck ! Hopefully these do well enough , that we’ll see more starter decks in the future !


~Gabriel Zero

yeah, i play the game.,.

some good news, they are doing well and there will indeed be more expansions and starter decks… they plan to complete the rest of the SF2 cast in July and then continue with the Alpha characters and ultimately third strike in the more distant future…

as a side note, they got the licenses to KoF2006 and Samurai Shodown 5, with a projected, but not definite, release date in December…


you should pick up some boosters and try to get his Shoryuken and Tatsumaki,. both are great moves…

Wow , thanks for the information man. I’m going over to Sabertooth’s website to see if they have a checklist.

I just oredered a box of boosters from my comic store. The only bad news is that it’s 65 dollars. But they said they’ll give me a 10% discount.

you should check out

they have booster boxes @$49.99 and even singles if you don’t want the whole box. They also have common and uncommon sets @$4.99 and $11.99 respectively…

Sabertooth’s UFS site has a full text spoiler:

Sabertooth main site>UFS>Street Fighter/Soul Caliber/Penny Arcade>See cards>full text spoiler

or you can check out the Download section of each game’s section for their particular check lists, which are arranged so that you’ll know what cards are associated with their starters… it also lists the rarity… “D” means starter deck only


Here’s an earlier thread I tried to start on this topic.:arazz: I’ve been enjoying this CCG quite a bit – it’s been getting a decent turnout for Monday night mini-tournaments at a local comic shop here. Very much looking forward to future installments/updates to the game.

EDIT: btw, Gain – thanks for costing me $200. :slight_smile: I followed that link you provided to and wound up springing for 2 booster boxes each of SCIII and SF. Ordinarily, I’d skip the online retailer and just support the local comics/gaming shop, but the savings was offering was just too good to pass up. At $3.29 per booster pack, each box would’ve cost me $78.96 locally – 4 boxes would’ve run me $340.32 (w/NV sales tax), but my bill at was just $212.86 (w/USPS Priority). A savings of $127.46 (37.45%). Thanks, man.


Ah crap, my love of all things Street Fighter is conflicting with my hatred of CCGs…


well maybe if the artwork is cool

and if there are Juli and Juni cards

and if ther cheap enough

and if I can find somepeople to paky with I guess that would help

youd be surprised how hard it is to find a game of anything in Massachusettes

The SF artwork is being done by Udon. For the most part, it’s good, but every so often you run across a card that makes you wonder “how the hell did this crap illustration get approved?” The SCIII artwork is being handled by Imaginary Friends Studio, and (IMO) is of a more consistent (and high) quality, overall.

No Juli and Juni yet – so far, Hibiki Dan is the only SFZero series character I can recall seeing on any of the SF cards. Sabertooth Games seems to be focused on getting the original 12 World Warriors established first. I haven’t seen any announcements regarding The New Challengers or Gouki yet, let alone the SFZero and SFIII series.

The prices at are the cheapest I’ve seen so far.

The store-finder at lists 2 stores in Massachusetts:

TJ Collectibles
160 Main St
Milford MA 01757

Modern Myths, LLC
34 Bridge St #4
Northampton MA 01060

You might try contacting them to see if either of those locations is hosting any local tournaments (or has a bulletin board where you could tack up a flyer indicating your interest in meeting other players).


Yea this game is pretty cool. WE WANT POISON! (well at least I do)

gain is the man.


I played the card game for the first time yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Is it just me or is the Ken starter deck way more poweful then the Ryu starter deck ?

i would say that the ken starter is better than the ryu starter because many of the cards that make ryu effective aren’t in his starer deck… still, with his deck exclusive hadoken, yoga mastery and hopefully a random ring veteran, ryu can be just as good, if not better…

ken is very powerful in the game… especially when he uses this card called “Maelstrom Divide”… he can basically draw up to 28 cards and then play MD to kill the opponent in a few turns… there are many ways around this attack

Ryu is great too, especially against ken, since Ryu plays a very effective denial deck… with Yoga Mastery, he can cancel out MD’s effect… and he has great moves too… they just don’t come in his starter

The game is great. I placed 2nd last week at a local tournament (Dhalsim Deck)for it with about 12 person turnout. For the next sets I don’t think they are going in any particular order for characters other than finishing the Super Turbo characters. The only reason I say this is because I’ve heard Ibuki is in the next set along with Akuma. Just give me Urien and I’ll be happy.


the next set will have the characters that were available for promo, which are:
blanka, balrog, guile, e-honda, vega and m.bison

and for sc3:
setsuka, kilik, tira, zasalamel (sp?) and raphael

when the sabertooth staff visited a local card shop a few weeks ago, they said that they were going to finish the SF2 characters, then they were going to do Alpha and last SF3 characters…

some info about the next expansion from the sabertooth forums

wow so people are really playing this game??? is it really that good?

It’s fun.

In a different twist, SG puts out cards that are retarded powerful, for all characters. As opposed to something like MtG, where cards really only start getting powerful when combined with something.

It’s taken some getting used to, seeing a card that seems too good to exist and such.

Just dropping in to say for all of you who thinks Ken is powerful, you should see Sagat.

Yeah, me and my friend played in a tourney today and he played Zangief and I played Sagat.

3 Rounds of Swiss with best 2 out of 3 matches for each round.

My Sagat deck didn’t lose a single match.

It’s absolutely amazing!

I play as Nightmare and Blanka!
If anyone else here plays in Montreal, let me know.


If anyone hasn’t seen the spoilers for the next set yet, they’re in the forums… Bison(dictator) looks broken/beastly as fuck :X

Any major chain stores in Cali bay area sell this? I can’t find it ANYWHERE…

You try using the STG store locator j1n?