Street Fighter CE (Rainbow) CPS1 board back to HF


Hi, first post!

I recently bought a CE CPS1 dash board that turns out to be an american rainbow version (not sure the version) but see video

I would like to turn this back to Hyper Fighting, I was told it was difficult to do is this correct? something about the PAL/security chip or something? (I’ve included picture links below) can these be reprogrammed? I know I can change the 21,22,23 chip back to HF so was considering just buying on ebay or someone I know here in los angeles could do it for me for 60. The guy at arcade superstore really wanted to buy it still so I got a bit suspicious…

this video is also running through one of those ega > vga converter and I’ve been told there are video synch issue with it. so, second question is whether or not people have had issues with video “jumping” while using this adaper for street fighter II CE (see video for example)

I’ve seen similar threads regarding this and was wondering if there is another “cost effective” solution to get this working on a CRT or LCD as lagless as possible. I know this topic is a rabbit hole

thank you