Street Fighter Champion on "Attack of the Show" on 9/15

I just saw the previews on G4, they said a Street Fighter Champion (no specific game, but they did show a Championship Edition game being played, or maybe it was HF) was going to be on “Attack of the Show”. They said the name of the person, but I couldn’t make it out, I think it’s a Japanese name. Can anyone else clarify this?

Tamara Katepoo and Peter Khang from Bang the Machine are going to be on…

That sounds cool but I belive this thread should be in the GD.

P.S. What time does it start??

record it!

7:00pm EST

yeah someone record it, worth a look? :tup:

They said it was a female champion…

Ricky Ortiz :wtf:

Yeah tape that, for the ratio of people that can’t afford digital cable.

DESTROYED!!! :rofl: :rofl:

Are they gonna play some matches?

I remember they used to play GGX and Tekken on “Arena”. It was beyond awful play, but what do you expect when you ask a bunch of fat FPS players to play GG and Tekken?

Record this shit. Our cable provider dropped G4.

Now they only play GGX2 and SSBM. They all suck sooo bad exept this one guy with a Srk shirt :tup:


G4 is stupid. And yea, FPS players can’t play fighters for crap.


My second sentence was referring to comment by ParryAll about how the show “Arena” is.

And I don’t think I even need to explain the first.

someone should record this and put it up as a torrent

thats only if its worth watching :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah, you do. I play FPS and Figthers and I’m pretty good at both.

so who’s the champion?

They said it’s a girl :confused: