Street Fighter character/playstyle parallels with other sports or skills?


As a street fighter player and boxing hobbiest I often think of parallels between fighters and characters in the game. Not in the sense that Balrog is a copy of Mike Tyson, but more in the sense of how a fighter will approach a fight- ie, their "playstyle.

For example, I liken my Ryu playstyle to Juan Manuel Marquez, a Mexican lighweight great over the past 15 years. If you haven’t heard of him, he was Manny Pacquiao’s greatest rival who fought him four times, one of those times landing a devastating knockout. Marquez is very solid fundamentally. His style is to stay fundamentally solid until his opponent makes a mistake. In those moments he has the potential for very high burst damage similar to Ryu. He doesn’t have incredible speed or physical attributes, like his rival…

Manny Pacquiao to me is more like Ken. He is a momentum based fighter who operates unconventionally and relies on his freakish speed and power to overwhelm opponents. His unorthodoxy reminds me of the way Ken does certain things that are unsafe, but are somehow made safe be the sheer recklessness of it. He also has the potential for big damage although I’d argue that his rival, Marquez, has more “one shot” potential where Pacquiao is more the constant machine gun fire type of offense that Ken exemplifies.

Do you guys draw parallels between Street Fighter and your hobbies? It doesn’t need to be sports, I can draw parallels between music and Street Fighter as well. The parallels can be drawn between any skill or craft in which the participant expresses a personal style.


Trump is pretty much the Ken of American politics:
-born into a wealthy family
-mocked for his distinct blonde hair
-underestimated at first due to his unconventional style
-gets away with things that anyone else would be punished for
-has a greater presence online than IRL
-popular despite being an asshole since he’s less boring than the alternatives

And last but not least:
-only relevant in the US B)


Fighting games and baseball. Very similar mentality between to FG players and the cat and mouse game by the pitcher and a hitter.


Yes. The reads involved. And there were probably pitchers feared for their “mixups” or randomness.


Sirlin already covered comparisons between top SF players vs chess grandmasters in the good book.

The Turtles - Ricki Ortiz vs. Tigran Petrosian

The Attackers - Alex Valle vs. Frank Marshall

The Obsessed - David Sirlin vs. David Janowski

The Snakes - Jeff Schaefer vs. Howard Staunton

The One True Style - John Choi vs. Emanuel Lasker

The Invincible and the Beast - Daigo Umehara vs. Jose Raoul Capablanca