Street Fighter characters as zombies


Ran across these on reddit, thought they were pretty cool.

Zombie Street Fighter ? Cuded

I kinda like how Akuma and Blanka don’t really change that much.


Wow sagat and vega as tyrants looks awsome new alts maybe???

And blanka as a licker looks pretty cool too.


Vega has Soul Edge? :o


Cool find.


I saw these about a week ago… very cool stuff


These were done back in March:
Street Fighter? Zombies? Zombie Street Fighters!


that ibuki looks really creepy.


Cammy… DAT ASS.

Is it weird that I’d still do her?

Yeah, that’s weird…


The Tyrant Vega is awesome D:


It will be a nice concept for new alternate outfit maybe when game with a lot of zombie like RE comes out it will be a nice think for capcom to do :rofl:


the Gouki one is $ick! XD