Street Fighter Chronology of Main Canon Changes (as of 7/6/16)


**Here is a chronology of the main changes resulting from Street Fighter’s new canon.

Street Fighter Chronology of Main Canon Changes (as of 7/6/16)

  1. Charlie Nash gets shot and killed by a helicopter.

  2. After Cammy becomes self-aware due to Shadaloo’s imperfect control over her mind, Vega fights her. Then, her unconscious body is discovered by Delta Red (the logical explanation would be that after Vega attacked her, they had a fight, she fought him off but was injured, and then she somehow makes it to Delta Red’s base where she collapses).

  3. Rose meets Bison and defeats him, killing his original body.

  4. Several participants remain in the SF II tournament: Guile, Chun-Li, Cammy, Ken, and Ryu. But with the knowledge of Shadaloo’s involvement in the tournament, all five remaining participants, along with the military, launch a surprise attack against Vega, Balrog, Bison, and Shadaloo’s soldiers. This surprise attack interrupts the tournament. During the chaos, Bison dies in a suicidal explosion which also destroys Shadaloo’s secret base. Since the tournament never had a chance to conclude, there is no winner.**


This would be the 4th time you posted this. It doesn’t become more true the more you post it.