Street Fighter Collecting Crazyness

First of all, being bored I was wondering how do you people go out and buying your issues?

Are you the typical fan that just goes for the crazy/good lucking cover? Or are you the type that enjoys the vibrant shine of the holifoils? Or are do u have too much money and just buy every different issue/cover/variant there is?

I tend to go into the Shiny/The Foil covers as it looks really cool though it kills my wallet, meh! When asked why do I bother with $10/$12 covers compared to the $3/$4 covers, heh how can u not buy those crazy Jo Chen and variant artist Foil Covers. I like issue #5 with that Cel Type Variation. With the normal covers, erm there have been some really good scans which helps cause it helps me when I wanna collect all but am out of cash.

Anyways the main reason why I created this new thread is ask about all of your various collections etc and about any sketches any one got from Alvin/Ken Siu/Arnold/etc.

Well as my daily routine for searching for some Street Fighter Stuff on Ebay. I found one seller (which I think happened to be the peron(s) who had asked Alvin Lee to do like 20 sketches which I mentioned before on Ebay)

The first two I saw were the First two sketches that Alvin Lee did for starters for The Toronto Con. It was Akuma and Chun Li.
The Chun Li ended around $20. The Akuma was about to end around $41 until it Jumped to $100 at the last Min. That was really crazy I thought, though I kno people would pay money for Alvin Lee’s sketches but man $100 american is kinda pricy (at least for me, no job =P )

Recently well just today, I was looking once again and found the same seller with another Akuma sketch and another Chun Li sketch which I kinda thought was familar also. Anyways heh, the seller smarted up and put it at $9.99 and Buy It Now for $69.99. When I clicked on link, both auctions already ended. Man crazy, one guy buying both $70 each.

Talk about major fan craze :stuck_out_tongue: ( well if i had the money, then maybe I would too)

Anyways in case of anyone who wanted to view the sketches/auction

Here is the links: Though the original first sketches uses the new chun li and akuma sketches

Chun Li

Akuma $100+

Chun Li 2

Akuma 2

Shit man. And i have bought SF comics from that guy! Hes a nice guy, but man, asking for a sketch then selling it on eBay… Thats fucked up.

And i planned on buying the TPBs only (i hate singles), but ever since i found out the TPB will be some cheapo lame-o collection without the back-ups, i ended buying everything.

Bet the guys at udon are happy now.

I’ve done business with that seler twice now he seems to be able to get all the rarer, more limited comics he even has the Christmas busts up for sale sometimes.
No offence Time-Stop but yeah it’s cheeky but in his eyes I guess it’s a good money-maker.

Well, u can’t blame udon for not putting the Backups/Cheapshots(not sure which one). If they had put both/any in, it would defy the whole purpose of the series because more people may just wait for the TPB and not get others. The way that udon has done it is that it will leave/increase the value of the issue(s) used for the TPB the same or higher price and that it won’t decrease the value of the issues. Heh, the TPB is gonna be my reading/reference book, something I ain’t afraid to bend a bit. But, man if something spilled on my Foil cover and my Foil covers rips then man, whoever did it is gonna DIE!!! :mad:!!!

Well, issue 0 must really be expensive… I guess I don’t really need it. Wow, I never realized that a SF comic that was presented at aomics convention would be $100.

If you REALLY need #0, it’s around 10 dollars if you order from

I managed to get the San Diego variant for $13 minus shipping & Canadaian variant for $21 with shipping, the WizardWorld one I’m still waiting for but I managed to get it for 10 (Around $20)…


i wonder why alvin would do 20 sketches at one sitting. i guess to please the guy but if it were me i’d say no way man.

mybe it depends on how the linup was but still if i got alvin to sketch each character i would keep em all and hang them on my room, i find it kind of disresepctful that he made alvin do 20 and now hes selling them for his own gain.

i have an akuma sketch done by alvin when he was at the silver snail, my friend charity got issue 0 signed by the artists for me and the sketch was a great surprise.

Im surprised by all the availability of SF #0. I have the one with Akuma on the cover and the white background. It says only 3000 were made, but I see tons of ebay bids for it and dynamic forces still has it. Wierd.

On the subject of the WizardWorld variant & Dynamic Forces, my comic dealer ordered one from them ages ago & still hasn’t got it, but what I am wondering is if the one at Dynamic Forces is the same as the limited editions or even if it is still limited edition as it’s been a question on my mind for awhile.

Well, that guy asked for 20 but I am not sure if he actually got all 20. I did see him get some though. Also well I don’t think you can blame that guy either. Because the guy(s) were setting up right next to Udon. They were helping udon with people buying comics/busts etc and giving out stickers to people. So you can’t exactly say that the guy is greedy. Also he asked in between people, so alvin didn’t do it all at once. Anyways, I don’t think him(well the sellers on ebay/not even sure if its the same person) would imagine getting that amount of money for the sketches. Because the starting price was $14.99, which is not a bad price considering the issue #0 sells for around $10. It is the fan craze which brought that akuma sketch up to $100 and not the seller. I guess the seller thought he could make money off it so he put 2 more and once again because of fan craze, one guy instantly bought the chun li and akuma sketch(new ones) for $70 bucks each. So yea, its all aboot the fans :mad: rich fans :bluu:

That guys is from a store/ebay store/on-line store or something. So i guess, if they were helping the Udon guys, its not so bad…

yea if what u say is true and he was helping them then i guess he deserves it. i just thought he was some guy in a lineup being greedy, but thanx for letting us now the details.

Thanks for the tip KenMastersX. I’ll be sure to buy it from there as soon as I get some $.

I’ve got ALL the covers… except those crappy gold foil ones… and as for sketches… I’ve got a total of 15,!!! :smiley: ALL original 12 characters, a Ken Siu-Chong Super Deformed rendition of Evil Ryu, an Evil Ryu sketch by Arnold, and an Akuma by Alvin, but they were on backing boards instead of the comics themselves. MAYBE you’ll see me in either issue #7 or #8 in the “Are you fan enough” section in the back, if Erik allows it. Still waiting for my Street Fighter TPB and Hardcover from Dynamic Forces… UDON RULEZ~!

I am one of those crazy collectors, sad to admit it… I have every cover made, including duplicates. Many of my #0 and #1 issues are autographed. I also have a poster autographed by many of the artists and producers. Was thinking of investing in the models, but didnt want to spend that much. But I do got the #4 christmas issue so.