Street Fighter Comic: Guest Artists/Writers

Street Fighter Comic: Guest Artists and Writers Thread


Here is the complete list of all the guest artists and writers who contributed backup stories to the comic titled “Street Fighter”. In additon to the backup story, the guest artist also contributes a cover for the issue their story appears in. There were some instances where a guest artist contributed only a cover for an issue. These artists were: J. Scott Campbell (issue 2), Mark Brooks (issue 8), Yasuhiro Nightow (issue 9), Shinkiro (issue 5), Dustin Nguyen (issue 6), and Joe Madureira (issue 13).

Issue 0:
Special comic convention issue. No guest artist.

Issue 1:
Guest Artist: Joe Madureira
Summary: Ryu’s victory over Sagat in the championship bout of the first SF tournament.

Issue 2:
Guest Artist: Adam Warren
Summary: Chun Li battles Cammy while Shadaloo abducts Chun Li’s father.

Issue 3:
Guest Artist: Kevin Lau
Summary: Ken and Eliza bicker and Ken defeats Zangief in the US martial arts championship finals.

Issue 4:
Title: "Charlie’s Black Op"
Guest Artist: Karre Andrews
Guest Writer: Andre Greenidge
Summary: Charlie is sent on an undercover operation to rescue Guile behind enemy lines, and does so sucessfully.

Issue 5:
Guest Artist: Hyung-Tae Kim
Summary: M. Bison tests Cammy against Vega - the origin of Cammy’s scar is revealed.

Issue 6:
There was no back up story in this issue. The extra space was used to complete the first story arc.

Issue 7:
Title: "Lessons Learned"
Guest Artist: Salvador Larocca
Summary: Ken spars with Ryu - haircuts and headbands.

Issue 8:
Guest Artist: Ale Garza
Summary: A brief before class battle between Karin and Sakura.

Issue 9:
Guest Artist: LeSean Thomas
Summary: Adon battles Sagat - the origin of the Tiger Uppercut.

Issue 10:
Title: "Gen’s Shame"
Guest Artist: Andy Seto
Summary: Gen kills an assassin in front of a very young Chun Li.

Issue 11:
Guest Artist: Josh Middleton
Summary: While in pursuit of Ken, Eliza, and Ryu, Cammy encounters Rose and is captured by her.

Issue: 12:
Title: "Muscle Memories"
Guest Artist: Adrian Alphona
Summary: Delta Red members, Luwanda and McCoy reflect upon Cammy’s fighting ability after her first mission with Delta Red.

Issue: 13:
Title: "Squared Circle"
Guest Artist: Keron Grant
Summary: Wrestling match - Rainbow Mika vs The Red Cyclone, Zangief.

Issue: 14:
Title: "Sparring Session"
Guest Artist: Carlo Baberi
Summary: Guile has a lengthy sparring match with Nash and forgets his own wedding anniversary, which angers his wife, Julia.


As of October 2005, Udon’s “Street Fighter” series was relaunched as “Street Fighter II”. The guest artist/writer format remains the same as its parent title, with a guest artist contributing a backup story and a cover. There are some instances where a guest artist contributes only a cover for an issue. These artists so far are: Ed McGuinness (issue 1)

Issue: 0 (Issue released October 5th, 2005)
No guest artist for this issue.

Issue: 1 (Issue released December 7th, 2005)
No back up story for this extra sized issue.

Issue: 2 (Issue released January 25th, 2006)
Title: "Yoga Mind Trick"
Guest Artist: Skottie Young
Summary: In a brief battle, Dhalsim convinces Sagat that he can learn much from him.

Issue: 3 (Issue released April 5th, 2006)
Title: "Agent Juni’s Final Test"
Guest Artist: Mark Lee
Summary: As a final test of loyalty, Juni is assigned to assassinate her mother.

Issue: 4 (Issue released July 12th, 2006)
Title: "Welcoming Party"
Guest Artist: Sven
Summary: Luwanda distrusts Cammy because she holds back while sparring; however, Luwanda’s concern is put to rest when she and Cammy have a serious bout.

Issue: 5
Title: ?
Guest Artist: Chris Stevens
Summary: ?

Made a few fixes -

SF3 Back up by Kevin Lau.

Also added info on 9 & 10 back up.

I personally think its just a martial arts comp set in America, rather then being only open to Americans.

I more of wonder since when has Wrestling been considered a martial art? But thats neither here nor there.

im hoping for Jim Lee in the future to be a guest star:eek:

Jim Lee would be amazing! :eek:

I also wish Campbell would’ve done an actual back-up story instead of just a cover.

Updated guest artist information for issue 11.

For those who saw the cover preview for issue 11, you may recall that the colouring on the Josh Middleton cover appeared incomplete. You can find a newly coloured version of that cover

Udoneko: Thanks for the corrections and additions:)

Man, when are Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun-Li gonna meet up? I’m still waiting for the all important meeting of the SF2 Core Four… I’m trying to remain patient here… ah, least they were all in the same restaurant in Issue 1.:cool:

Wow, colors really do make all the difference. When I first saw the Middleton cover, I found it to be really plain, now it’s amazing, although I still don’t like how Blank and Ken look.

Thanks for the link!!


Good job V! I went ahead and make this thread sticky. I think it’d be a good idea to list issue 06 also, even if just to state that there was no backup story because they needed the extra pages to wrap up the story arc.

Thanks Majestros.

Updated issue 6 information.

This list will eventually grow too large. When this happens, I was thinking of archiving older list entries as a text attachment. This will reduce the size of the post and people can still have access to older entries if they want it.

To udoneko / Udon people

Hey! Please try to ask Bengus, Akiman or other classic Street Fighter character designers/illustrators for covers/guest works. The Shinkirou covers/illustrations for the comics are great!

It also would be great include some “forbidden” draft sketches of the Street Fighter games, with early versions of Ryu, Blanka, and the other guys, and other rough designs of some characters that finally don’t appeared in the games.

I have some of they in some japanese artbooks like “Capcom Illustrations”. I think that it would be great for the outside Japan people, that they also could see them. :slight_smile:

P.S. Excuse me, I don’t speak english very well.
And can you also add to that thread list the authors of the covers, nope?

Issue 12 backup artist information now up.

Info is from this month’s Previews. The character featured for issue 12’s Powerfoil is Rose.

There was also an ad for Darkstalkers (DS). It seems DS will follow the same format as the SF book; i.e, it’ll have 2 regular covers, a foil cover and a backup story. The Joe Mad cover was previewed and it’ll be the foil cover. Mark Brooks contributes cover B and the backup story.

any chance Greg Horn or Shinkiro gonna do a backup story? :slight_smile:

Preferably Shinkiro! :slight_smile:
And I cannot wait for another back-up from MAD!
I would like to see an Issue of DS done by MAD!..just one at least… I wanna see his pages of Morrigan! =p

Updated issue 13 information.

All info is from this month’s Previews.

Powerfoil for issue 13 features Dhalsim. Joe Mad contributes cover A and Keron Grant contributes cover B.

The Darkstalkers Powerfoil features Donovan. Cannon Buster’s LeSean provides cover B and backup story.

I would love to see guest back-up story by Pat Lee or Don(Dreamwave)

Updated issue 14 info. Powerfoil features Sagat.

All info is from this link:

Pat has bailed… he said he will do it, but never did one so far… I will keep trying…

Too bad… I hope it has nothing to do with you Udon guys getting the Darkstalkers license :confused:
Keep up the good work! :clap:

Say I wanted to submit some artwork…

How do I go about doing this?