Street Fighter Comic - needs you!

Dear friends -

I wanna say thank you on giving us all the support and input on the Street Fighter project! This is a rare time that I would actually need your help!

The initial order numbers of SF #1 just came in, and the amount the comic retailers has put in is UNREALISTICALLY LOWER than we expect… I have to say, if these are the final sale numbers, we might not be able to keep this alive for much too long…

The state of comic book retail nowadays is not healthy. I am pretty sure that with these numbers, this book will get sold out very soon. And a lot of people who wants the book will miss out on it. Yes, it will become an instant collectible like the SF#0 and become hot on EBAY, but that is not going to help in the long run. I want to make sure everyone who wanted a copy can get it a the cover price. The problem here seems that the Comic Book Shop Owners do not have confidence in this project.

We have to understand that the past track record of SF books has not been good. So the store owners are not willing to order more books on a SF title. So, we have to tell them this time, it is different. This time, we are doing a REAL book that fans (including ourselves at UDON!) would be proud of holding a copy in our hand. Here is where you guys comes in.

PLEASE call all you local stores and tell them you want to see the SF book. Tell your friends to do it! Tell every SF fan out there to go to their local store to reserve a copy. Retailers normally only get enough for their pull list nowadays and they won’t order too many extras. So we gotta tell them what we need to give them confidence in this title!

If you need the number for your local shop, call toll free 1-888-COMIC-BOOK (1-888-266-4226) to find one!



I’ll plug the comic in my plot guide or something, I guess… dunno how much that could help, though.


The key is to let the RETAILERS, who might not be SF fans and in some cases who do not even know what SF is (think about old dudes that are like 50+ years old who has never played video games…) to know that there is a demand. That is why I am asking you guys to call them up everyday and tell them you want it!

Appreciate it!

Well I asked my local comic store to get it in for me, already got #0 on ebay, I want the rest…

Well, that sucks.

The fat fuck behind the desk at my comic book shop will be hearing from me.

is SF issue #1 really out yet???:confused:

It’s not Udon’s fault, but i just don’t feel good about this comic anymore. I was really excited early on, whn i saw the couple pages and stuff.

But after finding out that you have to use “Shotokan” and stuff. It makes me wonder what else from Capcom USA you will have to use.

Those are all cosmetic changes, they don’t impact the central storyline in a way that it can’t be appreciated. You should give it a chance, UDON are fans of SF like the rest of us and it shows with the quality of the art we’ve seen so far. I highly doubt that the writing will be far behind in merit.

Can we please stop using minor technicalities to find reasons not to like the book?

In case there’s anyone here who doesn’t know, the USA is the only reason that SF exists the way it does. If the game hadn’t exploded in America, it would have just been another game that did alright but cost for extra hardware to be worth it for arcade owners. Don’t be so quick to attribute everything that is SF to Japan. Take some pride or something. It’s not like Capcom of Japan’s storyline is that perfect either.

For the specific case of Evil Ryu, i can’t believe this even gets brought up!! Capcom USA created Evil Ryu. SFA2 Japan does not have Evil Ryu. He was first available in the US version of the game, and there was a later upgrade in Japan called “Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha” that had Evil Ryu and a bunch of random EX version characters with no supers. So why is there hate that they’re using Capcom USA NAMES (not actual storyline, but fucken names) when it was Capcom USA that created the character in question in the first place?

I’m going to my local comic book store and telling them that i’m going to be buying one of every cover version of SF#1 that i can get at cover price and that my gaming friends are interested in it as well. And i’m going to say that if they only order like 3 copies and up the price the first day it comes out, i’m not buying any. So they better order enough to actually sell it.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I created a monster. Course, I suppose if I did, it’s partially Capcom of America’s fault, too.

Of course, in all honesty, these days I’m starting to think Capcom of Japan itself doesn’t remember its own Street Fighter canon…

As a playable character, yes, but he’s always been existant in the storyline, at least since it was first reconned and the Alpha series was in production.

Let’s not turn this into another on of those debating what name to use thread… please…

I am sorry that the use of this one name upsets you Shape. And I hope that all these other stuff that we are doing will interest you enough to keep reading.

And as I said, we are not even going to give him a real name as “Evil Ryu” . It is in the plots that we have to give this form of RYU some written “term” so that when we sent the thing to Capcom (Japan) for approvals, they know what and who we are talking about. And that is the easiest term in English to refer to that character that everyone understands, even including our translator in Capcom Japan.

HE WILL NOT BE REFFERRED TO AS “EVIL RYU” IN THE BOOK. For all it matters, it is something deep inside Ryu’s mind. It is more like an internal struggle. Its not like Ryu would go out and discuss this with Ken and go “Hey, I have a nightmare fighting with this Evil Ryu dude!”.

Hope that again clears things up.


and for more info on SF#1

It is scheduled to ship September 3rd. It comes in 3 covers -

The UDON 50 character cover, the Joe Mad cover, and the Chun Li Power Foil by Jo Chen. The 2 regular covers has a retail price of USD 2.95. The Power Foil is an incentive that if your retail store orders 10 copies of the regular covers in total, they get one copy of teh Power Foil. They can individually order extra copies of Power Foil for a fixed cost.

For those of you who also post in other fighting game forums or any other sites, please spread the word and tell people to call up local retailers and pre-order the book. They are indeed taking orders now and they can still do re-orders for the next 2 weeks.

SRK Unite

Well I am definitely excited about finally getting a hold of a street fighter related comic that does not make me feel repulsed by it (cough…Malibu comic version). Although Japan has been treated to many versions of SF mangas, the US has received hardly any, especially ones of actual quality. The plot of Street Fighter has been a mystery to the majority of gamers due to Capcom’s focus more on gameplay or lack of effort to put in some type of plot in their later versions of SF. Although the technical aspects of gameplay is a must for a fun fighter, a great storyline on why the fighter you selected doesn’t hurt; it puts more of a purpose to continue playing the game in order to see what the conclusion is to your fighter’s dilemma. Games like Final Fantasy and such continue to be remembered to this day because the memories of the stories told may trigger players’ emotions and that is what captivates a large audience of gamers eventhough most RPGs have very little replay value when you beat the game, unlike the fighting genre.

The game SNK vs Capcom has caught my interest because there is actually going to be dialogue interactions between characters and a storyline with individual endings. The new SF comic provides another median to capture the imagination of what the street fighter universe really is like. SRK is where we continue our daily debates on who is the best fighter, who makes the best rival match-ups, etc. We continue to do so because there is a rich history of the SF canon that has not been fully understood by the masses and if we wish to see the comic series thrive for many years and be able to share the SF culture that we love to the uninitiated, this will increase the popularity of SF once again and if the reader is inspired enough by the comic to want to learn to play SF again, this will bring more competition to the scene and a higher demand for future SF installments. SF2 is what revived the gaming industry back in '91 and now the series has become ho-hum to the mainstream. I would hate for the SF series to slowly die off the way it appears to be with the drought of Capcom SF titles. Not to sound like a labor union leader or anything but since we are the hardcore community of SF players, it should be our responsibility to spread the word about the comic to the masses(via other forums, contact your comic retailer, let your buddies know about it, etc) to ensure not only the survivability of the SF comic, but perhaps the future of SF itself(the higher the demand and sales, the better outlook it will be to Capcom of Japan that SF is still very popular in the US and is likely to invest more capital in a future SF game). With some minor technicalities aside, UDON has been following the true essence of the SF canon and it would be a shame if it’s flame was extinguished prematurely.

Done and done.

Joe mad??
That guy is still alive?
Wow. Definetly getting that cover…

Whoa sweet… Jo Chen. Great++.

Just wondering, so the comic isn’t going to be sold through mail order/online?

I liked that cover best…

I won’t have access to my local comic shop until in about 10 days. I hope there’s still time for him to order then…

Oh, and we’re in Sweden and I don’t know how he gets his stuff. But SF should be in the regular US comic catalogs, right?

Yes, Joe Mad is still alive, and he is doing a BACK UP STORY on top of that cover you see for issue #1.

There might be online stores that carry them. But we will not be setting up a store to actually sell each issue because that will directly compete with the retail shops and history tells us that those guys wont like that…


Yes, the book is available to order thru the regular US Comics Catalog ala “Previews” from Diamond Comics.

It’s been an interesting year to be an SF Fanatic. In the begining, there were promises of a new SF game, CFAS, a new Art Book and SVC. Well, the SF Game and CFAS will not come out, while I still don’t have the Art Book (Pick up my copy today! Yay! I think…) it seems to have 90% of Artwork I already own from what I’ve seen. So that leaves me with SVC which I’m enjoying and the SF Gallery Site where you can repeatedly vote for your favorite chatacters which is fun and that’s about it.

Course, the other thing I was looking forward to was the SF Comic, made by people who love SF, talk to us, listen to us (they fixed mistakes many people pointed out in the wrap around cover) and have read TiamatRoar’s Plot Guide! And know a Dark Cloud looms above even this.

I will definitely support this comic, because increasing SF’s Popularity in the US can only make my SF Fanatic lifestyle easier. I’ve told my friends about it and will Pre-order all the Covers minus the Foil since I’ve already ordered the Chun-Li Foil cover with SF #0 at Dynamic Forces. I really hope things go well.

People, please don’t be hung up by a few words and minor Storyline changes. Even Masahiko Nakahira changed storyline Elements in his Manga, and not only did Capcom like some of the changes they incorporated many of them in their storyline and adapted Karin who you gotta love!

So udoneko, I wish you all the best.