Street Fighter comic shipping dates?


Well Im a fan of comic books and I’m loving the sf books right now, but i can’t ever find the shipping dates for them. Marvel and dc…I find those easy but having a hard times with DF:bluu:

So if anyone knows the shipping dates you can postem here!!


Issue 1 has been shipped already.

Issue 2 will be in stores 10/15.

I will let you know the ship date of issue 3 once our publisher Image has notified us.


Thxz man i picked up all the cover of issuse 1 now for issuse 2


cool, do you know when issue # 2 power foil version is coming out?


The release dates should be a sticky. Its a hassle searching through pages trying to find the post with the release dates. I missed sf#1 b/c of this :frowning: .


Issue #1 second printing is still available for order at Diamond Distributors to retailers. So you can go into any store and ask them to get it for you.

As for the Power Foil Ken Cover of #2, it is scheduled to be shipped 2 weeks after the regular issues. I will double check with Image and confirm that.


This is the link to Diamond Comics shippping lists:

**Click here **

New comics always ship out on Wednesdays. Once one Wednesday passes, the next one is put up. Hope this helps down the line. :smiley:


Yeah about time someone added the dates. I had to get my buddy from NY to ship it to me cause Houston just ran out on all locations. 10/15 eh. NY must get their stuff early cause my buddy has it already.


The comic store I frequent gets an advanced copy of all comics one week ahead of schedule. One of the guys said that they’re supposed to read each issue so they can answer any questions customers have, or which books they want to promote. If your friend works in a comic store, then it’s possible he gets every issue early.


Hey David, go get a subscription over at Nan’s Comic and Games. They’ll pull a copy and put it in a file cabinet with your name on it and hold it for at least a month (store guy says they usually hold it for up to two months) before putting it on the rack. This way you wont miss any issue. It’s free since it actually makes it easier for the store owner to get a good idea of how many copies he needs to order. Just ask whoever’s working there for the subscription form. Jimmy, Chris, and I all got subscriptions through Nan’s for Udon’s SF powerfoil covers.

The only tricky thing here for me is, I want some of the regular alternate covers as well and I don’t know how they’re planning on handling that.


Thanks for the info!


hey i live in houston and thanks. i missed the 50 character cover for number one cus i didn’t know when it was shipping i live about 10 minutes away so i’ll probably do it tommarow. oh yeah do you know when the power foil ken for #2 comes out? thanks


No prob. Power foil supposedly comes out 2 weeks later or something.


Hey Udoneko, I saw off a website that Issue 3 was supposed to hit stores like November 2nd or 3rd or something. Is this realistic seeing as how Issue 2 got delayed till now? What’s the word on the release schedule?


I know… I am puzzled too… Gotta check with them. Last time I ask, they said mid Nov…


Anyone know when the special cover of # 2 ships?


wait a minute here,
does shipping date means the date the comic will hit the store? or does it mean the comic will get to the place, and be on sale the day after?


Shipping date means the comics will be at the store on that day. The power foil covers so far have been shipping 2 weeks after the issue has been shipped.


alrite, thanks man


Just got it today, you guys gotta watch out cause some places try to over charge ya(Example: $24.99 for the foil )