Street Fighter Comic speculations & SPOILERS thread


Seeing as we already have a thread for Street Fighter storyline canon. And seeing as the Street Fighter comics from UDON (Image) have a slightly different storyline, I figure the comic story should get its own thread.

For those who missed SF #0:

Ryu had a dream sequence where he was training in the forest outside Gouken’s dojo. He fought against “Evil” Ryu, who almost killed him before Gouken’s cry awoke Ryu. Ryu rushed to the dojo to find Gouken dead and a “ten” symbol in blood on the wall.

SF #1

Of interest:

  • Charlie’s last name is Nash in the comics. His last name isn’t really Nash, but if you’re reading the book, you should already know that. Or maybe Nash is his codename. Hmmm…

  • Apparently, Ryu has had his red headband since before Street Fighter 1.

  • Also, it seems Bison organized Street Fighter 1.

  • Characters in this issue: Ryu, Ken, Eliza, Chun Li, Guile, Birdie, Bison, Vega, Sagat, Balrog, Charlie, Cammy. Yes, Cammy. She’s in one panel in this issue. She’ll probably have more “screen time” next issue when she fights Chun Li supposedly.

  • Chun Li is in the background in a few scenes in the diner. This explains how she got to that gangster leaving the diner.

Trademark character moves:

  • Ryu: none (well, Hadouken, Shoryuken, tatsumaki senpuukyaku in the flashback story)
  • Ken: standing Forward
  • Guile: f. FP, Flash Kick, Hair Comb winpose
  • Chun Li: Hoyouku Sen
  • Birdie: Standing FP, Bull Revenger
  • Sagat: Tiger Shot

Feel free to add as you see fit…:slight_smile:


Regarding Charlie/Nash, we asked Capcom and they are OK with his full name being such. It seems because they named Guile’s pal Charlie in SF2 in USA, that name is stuck. At that time, I guess they never would have thought the dead friend of Guile would ever become a playable character in future installments of SF. Unlike the name switch betwen Balrog, Vega, and Bison, this character does have 2 names that confuses the heck out of everyone. Therefore, we decide to match the 2 together and make his full name Charlie Nash in the comic with Capcom’s approval.

Issue 2 - the main fight will be Vega VS E-Honda. See more of Chun Li, Cammy, Guile, Ryu, and Ken, PLUS… Sakura debuts!

Of coz, the flashback tale of a Chun Li & Cammy fight by Adam Warren.


Poor E.Honda… FAT BOY IS GETTING SLICED! Don’t be cheap with the red stuff, I want to see buckets of blood!

All I can add is on the last page where Sagat has fallen to the Shoryuken, there’s a girl wearing a “MAD!” T-Shirt, so officially Joe Maduriera is an artist in the SF Comic Book Universe! HA! HA!

Curious about how the whole Sakura having a white headband thing will be explained (she’d had to of witnessed Ryu wearing a White headband and displaying his 3 signature moves) but I trust you guys at Studio Udon to get things right.


If you look closely, that girl is actually Red Monkia, from Joe Mad’s Battle Chasers comic.


That’s cool. I actually prefer Charlie Nash. I mean, why not?

Of course, I also like the idea of Akuma being Ryu’s father, but to each is own.

Great work with the book!


Sakura: OMG I’m gonna get a red headband just like Ryu! :smiley:

Sakura goes to the local headband novelty shop.

Sakura: Hi Mr. Headband Shop Clerk, do you have any RED HEADBANDS?

Clerk: Sorry. We just sold out. Had this huge headband sale, and what do you know, we blew up. All we have left are these “Dirty South” bandanas and these white headbands.

Sakura: :bluu: … I’ll take the Dirty South bandanas.


LOL thats funny bowling pin.

They can handle the whole Sakura headband 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Bowling Pin’s idea

  2. She gets the headband because of Ryu, but gets a white one to be diffrient or cause it matches her outfit better.

  3. It just wont come up, isnce all the Alpha storylines happen in flashbacks (and wont go into little details)

Although this raises a few questions for me

Udoneko -

  1. Are you guys aloud to show Sakura outside the Alpha era/timeline? (or any of the Alpha chars for that matter)

  2. Do you guys (UDON) know what you can and cant do as far as SF goes, or do you only know after Capcom of Japan sees what you’ve done?

  3. I guess if you ever have to explain the Ryu’s having a red headband and not white in his early years, you could always have him (Ryu) get it the sameway he got it in the SF2 Animated Movie right? (When Ryu & Ken were younger and training Ken cuts open Ryu’s head with a kick, then Ken gives Ryu the headband [that tied back Ken’s long hair] to stop the bleeding)


Kill me, but isn’t Sagat jumping forward with a tiger knee pose before Ryu SRKs him?

It does remind me of Azn-anjels CvS2 Shoto-Vid a lot. Anybody remembers that one?


I just don’t like the idea that Vega organized the first SF tournament, maybe have him lurk in the background or whatever but it SHOULD be Sagat that organized the tournament, it would mean more to his character and his eventual rise above his pettiness.


Yeah, I wasn’t sure what was up with him being there. He either organized it or was simply observing it for potential recruits/allies/threats/host bodies heh. I figure it’ll be cleared up later on down the line.

Incidently, does anyone know what the SF comic in gamepro was about?


Its about Sagat.

It happens right after the flashback story in #1.

It has Sagat imagining he’s fighting Ryu while he’s training, with bandages on his chest.

On the last page he pulls of the bandages to reveal his hugh scar.

If you dont get your hands on the Gamepro, Im sure they’ll have the four pages (as well as SF#0) in the first SF trade paper back (TPB) UDON makes.


Cool, thanks!


Hey, udoneko.

What plans do you have for Dan? I think he should get his own issue, or at least a background story of wackiness! Also, a Final Fight issue would be much appreciated. Great work on the books!

Oh, and please tell me Guile will use handcuffs at least once. I can see it now, Guile throws someone, but before he lets go, he slaps a handcuff on them! Then the other guy’s like “WTF?”.


Hey guys, I’m new here so “Hello”. Back to business: Did anyone notice that a spectator in the Sagat-Ryu fight (issue#1) looks much like Guy. I forget what panel, but he’s just standing there with his arms crossed.


chun li: standing RH

a) they never really said bison organized it, he didn’t even seem interested in it. “lurking in the background” is exactly what he did

b) who cares? it’s not the least bit important


I’m hoping there’s a backup story of how Balrog gets banned from boxing. That would be nice.:smiley:


I thought the story was that he put crap in his gloves(like tacs and nails and w/e…orr like… heavy stuff.)


Well, I personally don’t know the story. I always assumed it was because he was extremely violent, like Tyson w/Ear-biting super times 10. Check: He was banned for being extremely violent in the ring, so he joined Shadowlaw.


It was because he was extremely violent.

Thats Capcom’s official word on it.


And in a funny twist of life imitating art:

Balrog gets banned from the ring for being too violent for the sake of boxing.

Mike Tyson gets banned from the ring for being too violent.

Things that make you go hmmmm…