Street Fighter Comics!?


Okay, when did SF comics EVER come out? I am a comic book freak and never heard of it.


issue #1 came out in september 2003. we’re up to issue 8 now


Where the ^%$ have you been?? lol… you’re not a comic freak if you haven’t heard of it by now… it’s impossible to have somehow not known of it up to this point when it’s almost been a year since it was released! You have a lot of catching up to do my friend… the TPB should help get you up to speed


A lot of people dont know. The ammount of people that read comic magazines and/or browse the internet looking for info is small compared to the number of people that read comics.


I agree, but wouldnt you eventualy see it on the store shelves? I know 2 of my local stores had promo posters for it.


I agree! That’s what I always feel. I am not sure what else I can do. Will definately need you guys help to tell more people about it still!!!


Alas, not including promo pictures, it’s damn hard to see it on the store shelves when the stupid stores sell out of the comic only an hour after it comes out. :mad:


Well…If you want me to, whenever I buy an issue I’ll tell my brother to buy his own separate copy and that he can’t read mine anymore. :smiley:


A friend of mine who buys his comics in Jim Hanley’s across the street from the Empire State Building kept swearing to me they didn’t have any SF Comics, I kept telling him they were there he kept arguing they were not there so I had to almost literally drag his Ass to the spot they were at. They are kept all the way in the back, but it’s mostly an Alpahebetical thing, all comics that start with “ST” like Star Wars, Star Trek are kept way back there. Anyway, he brought a couple of SF Issues that day!:slight_smile:

udoneko - Free Comic Book Day is coming up. Are you guys planning to give out any free SF Comics? It’s an easy way to get the word out.


For Free Comic Book day, maybe next year, we will do something. I am not sure… coz we look at the budget and it is really scarey… and we honestly cannot afford that right now.

Sano, your case puzzles me - I wonder if your friend actually ask the staff at the store about the SF comic… coz someone should have pointed him to the right shelves at least?

and Sami, the quickest way to get some SF comic is to find the Trade Paper Back on, if you do not want to hunt around comic shops.



I told him to ask and he didn’t. He kept saying he is always by the Star Wars section so there was no need to ask, if he didn’t see it, it wasn’t there. It is on one of the bottom racks, though. Yeah, my freind’s a know-it-all, but we can’t pick our best friends, alls we can do is physically prove to them when you are right!

Well, I’m actually pretty hard headed myself sometimes…


I was hoping maybe once SF Anniversary Collection comes out for PS2, maybe Udon can make a guide or Udon SF art book with comic samples. Or even draw the cover for the US ver of the game. Heh, sounds expensive and not very profitable. Or make a udon art street fighter game? Even more expensive and impossible. Heh, I don really know wat there is to do to help, but I am trying hardest to let everyone knows about Udon SF comic. I am buyin hella SF comics as presents to others already.


Those are some really great suggestions and I hope you’ll consider them Udoneko. Promotion is a great way to inform the masses. The ad in some magazines of the SF controller caused a little buzz about the featured artwork from the comic; Something like the gamebox, game poster, promotional disc…whatever…could really get you known.


We have already submitted a one page ad about the comic to Capcom USA and it should be in the game manu when the 15th Annv Game comes out later… hope that works a bit.


whoa, your a tad to late to find out now. Go buy the street fighter trade paper back book to get up to date incase you dont want to go duck hunting for each issue right now. You can still catch SF issue 8, but you could have a problem looking for a powerfoil cover with Sakura on it:eek:

I was just wondering Udoneko, since you guys are already submitted a page to the SF anniversary game, why not try the video game magazines too. Such as if PSM advertise the SFAnniversary game on there magazine, maybe they can add a spot in the magazine telling readers about the SF comic series that is going on right now:cool:


yeah i think advertising with gaming mags is a great idea, especially with psm, they r comic book geeks at heart as well. they used to hav great covers done by the best comic book artists of today and hav a few mentions to comic books inside their mag from time to time