Street fighter controllers..let the speculation begin

Ok what the fack is this people? Someone pointed this out on artxilla forum.

Personally i think it’s gonna be a 15 anniversary stick but that would make more sense for x-box not ps2. But ps2 is releasing sf3 online correct, so who knows. Any ideas?

OK THEN…why does akuma say sonic boom?

another Street Fighter controller?

not again.

Years back, while Street Fighter 2 was at thier prime of success, capcom released the first Street Fighter controller that enables you to perform moves alot easier with a press of a button. It even came with a turbo function so you adjust the speed of gameply while you’re in mid-fight. The controller was only for Street fighter 2 though.
It’s not really unique compared to the other special controllers out there such as the Turbo Shock controller from Intec, but it’s a rare collectors item now.

I’m not sure what would capcom’s second attempt of the Street Fighter controller would be capable of, but I think it’s going to have the same features as the first one did.

i’m hoping its not a controller but a stick. Like an udon drawn stick with fuckin everybody n their grandmother on it.

in other words, you mean…

Just a sikk lookin stick for 15th anniversary with udon art on it.

Serious? The PS2 version will outsell the XB version 5:1. But now you mention it, why not have dual compatibility?

Sign me up for an Akuma controller!!! :evil:

wouldnt it be cool if it was a redesigned gamecube controller they is better for fighting games? i hope so, so we can get more street fighter.

this is a post form a diff website.

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Here is a link to a pic of the controller. Two versions were made when CvS2 was released. A CapCom and a SNK version. Each had trading cards released with their respective versions.

It’s must be stick. Look on the controller site you and you’ll see that near the Udon logo the are Hotgamestuff logo. Now let’s go the And there we can find big variety of Sticks for different games (they all the same except the drawing on the stick). So I think it would be stick.

Will these controller’s be available in standard computer game stores or will they be specialist?

This thread came first that’s why I chose this one.

I’d also like to know if they will be available in stores.