Street Fighter Crash ep1



The commentary was worse than Skisonic and Magus1234 combined.
Didn’t know there was an English stream and watched the Korean one first, when I discovered this, I was happy about my choice.

Why didn’t they get Zhi instead of those guys?


What’s funny is that Zhi was in the chat for the ENG stream, so he was watching the event as well. Maybe the organizers didn’t give much of a shit about the ENG audience to invite somebody better. Remember, for Tekken streams they only had Laugh and the WHOA Girl


I’d rather just listen to the Korean commentary. If I’m watching something that’s not in America I’ll just get the full experience and hear their language instead.


Yeah, it also slowly teaches you somethings about the language, so it’s a win/win in a situation without better alternatives.


Was the Korean stream on twitch as well, or one of the other services? I’d definitely rather watch that one next time if the commentary is going to be this bad again. Although I could’t help cracking up every time the dude on the right completely interrupted the skinny one, even smacking him on the arm when the cameras switched to them to shut up once, lol. That and the fact he kept staring at the camera looking like he scared he was about to poop his drawers or something was kinda humorous as well at least.


Crash is on Twitch in both languages


They were nervous they are good guys though. I’ll be on commentary sometime after episode two since I’m in that group that plays.


I know you guys are tight with each other and they are part of the green arcade crew, but they’re also awful on arcade stream commentary, if you look at it objectively.
I totally understand that you like those guys, it’s just me being an asshole as a consumer, since I want the best quality possible while eating my snacks.


@“Missing Person” @AlphaCommando @“Pimp Willy” lulz


They can be the best guys they want, they still suck at commentary. It’s gotta be said. The entire english stream was just one big cringefest :s

If you’re going to be doing commentary in the future, I hope you at least don’t say the show is live from Seoul, KORENA every time like these guys did. :wink:


I don’t know why they thought that primary school students would be good Street Fighter commentators.


3 episodes in now, and the commentary just gets worse each episode. How is that possible?


Are there any youtube vids of the episodes?


Don’t know bout that one but you can watch the past broadcasts on twitch. I recommend mute if you watch the english stream :wink: