Street Fighter Creator to Develop a New DBZ Fighting Game

That oughta make some of you deficate in both your Street Fighter and Dragonball underoos.

(use bleach)

It should be noted that Funamizu was just a SF producer, he never had anything to do with the creation of SF or more importantly SF2, that was Okamoto and Nishitani’s work.

IGN with their headlines to excite random fanboys. :confused:

Regardless, this will be a game worth watching as more news develops. It might be a 3D game, but with the advent of new technology, it is possible that this 3D game might have a 2D feel to it.

Well, there’s more to the Street Fighter universe than SF2 right?


C’mon, help me out here, is this really that big a deal?

I’ve read elsewhere that the studio has a good deal of SF pedigree other than Funamizu. But I guess you guys would know. shrugs


Wow, I’ll bet this’ll be as big as Sammy vs. Capcom!

I always thought a DBZ game based off the Marvel/Vs. engine would rock.

^I so agree.

Just as long as they don’t build in tiers like Marvel vs EA, what a dumb idea that is. Basically, if they don’t build the characters according to their “power levels” in the storyline, that would be best.

As opposed to dimps which is made up of former snk and capcom employees, who went on to make DBZ Budokai series…

Proof that even people who came from greatness can still fuck up royally.

Freezer would own since he’s auto crouch under standing attacks like T3 Gon and would keep everyone grounded with Death Ball supers.

This seems promising but I’m not getting my hopes up. If the game’s good though, the popularity of DBZ seems like this could be a game to revive arcades (if only among 10 year olds, which probably means the cries of “cheap” and “that’s not fair” will be huge :confused: oh well)

btw, I think DBZ is laughably bad, but it certainly has the potential to make a great FG

Yes me and my m8 always said capcom should do a dbz using the MvC engine.
Depening on if this game is 2d or 3d it could prove to be quite good ive always been i fan the older dbz fighting games on the saturn and ps1.
Ive never liked the Budokai series they need to go back to the old style for this.
heres hoping this turns out well :tup:

You know, this could work. When you play the Mugen DBZ M.E. part 2 then you see what a dbz game would be like with capcom style fighting. Mvc2 style would be awsome, but I wouldnt be surprised if this game sucked royal ass.

as far as i know , i read a magazine where okamoto left capcom and created his own production . correct me pls

I think Funamizu is a talented creator and he certainly has the tools to make a great game, the problem as I see it, is it’s about 5 years late with the idea.

I hear this game is 3D. No MVC2 DBZ.

Kinda funny that the best fighting games on the coming months may end up being games based on Dragon Ball Z (due to the fact rumors say part of the 3S staff will be working on it) and Hokuto no Ken (Arc Systems).

You know, that is kind of funny. How I miss the 80s and 90s when we had kick Ass Animes like DB/DBZ and Fist…