Street fighter deadly alliance?

yeah, so i spent a good chunk of the summer writting and thinking about a sf4 fanfic. it was initially supposed to be a kof vs sf fanfic with zombie rugal and goenitz trying to revive Orochi while Urien and Bison (who asks Urien to get cammy for him and then posses her body) plotting to destroy Gill and re-create the pshyco drive, respectively.

I stuck with only the SF part of that since it would have taken ages to finish a crossover. And i was getting tons of ideas for the roster and matches and all that. i had even written intros and two chapters…but then…this past weekend…i played Mortal Kombat Deadly Aliance and realized that the story i wanted to write had already been written, basically.

I mean, talk about a knee to the nutz! And now i want to do something with the ideas i came up with; like ken training along ryu under oro cause he feels SNH building up inside him, gill actually being defeated by the dark duo only to return as a bad ass, sagat finally becoming good enough to challenge ryu and host a new World Warrior tourney, or maybe defeating ryu before the tourney and then going after akuma, when he finds out that it was SNH that beat him, and not really ryu’s powers. Like i said before, i was going to have urien totally fucking destroy the M-16 team and take Cammy, but i was also planning on have CHARLIE as the commander of M-16, so when Urien (barely) beats him and takes cammy, he’ll have to go and try to rescue/avenge her.

I had several ideas to that effect, but those were the main ones, and i want to do something with them…any suggestions?

cammy from all games other then sf2t is SHADALOO, so might want to keep in mind that she would not be working with charlie.

this would be way after the second world warrior tournament, and there would be no SHADALOO anymore, so she’s basically free, and i’m pretty sure she works with that special forces team M-16 or whatever. Upon Charlie’s return, he would chose to work with them since he’s dissapointed w/ the air force, hence he ends up working w/ a cammy that has already been part of the team for a while.

…makes sense to me…

You have some pretty fresh ideas. However, I’m a lil’ confused. If the story takes place after the SF2 tournament, then wouldn’t Charlie be dead? Oh yeah, and the Intelligence Service Cammy works for/under is called MI6, not M16. She’s a member of Delta Red, an anti terrorism/special forces unit within MI6.
Nice av, btw.

Oh yeah, i forgot to add that Charlie actually doesnt die after the psycho drive blows up, and some Thai guys rescue him when they’re looting the psycho drive building. He ends up in a wheelchair for a few years during which he learns some Muay Thai techniques by observation and eventually recuperates and trains untill he’s ready to get back to the U.S…

So anyway, he eventually goes back and joins MI6 (thanks for the correction) shortly before Urien owns them all…