Street Fighter - Dragon punch techniques

Hi guys, I’ve been trying for what seems like years, but I just can’t nail down the dragon punch technique in “Street Fighter”

I can do the Hadoken fairly regularly, but the dragon punch (and spinning kick) are both pretty tough

I actually keep losting to Retsu because I keep trying to throw out dragon punches and they just don’t work

Can you offer me any suggestions?

You mean SF1?

I read that you have to press the punch button before and sometimes after the motion to be consistent, but I could be wrong.

OK, jackassery aside, I figured it out

It seems to go off when you release an input rather than when you press it down, so you have to recalibrate everything you do to account for that fact

Also, the game is pretty glitchy and slow-paced, so the input doesn’t always work

Keeping the SF1 scene alive…nice!