Street Fighter: Dream Never Ends novelisation

[LEFT]Have you ever read a fan fiction so bad that you started to feel tears well up in your eyes? There are quite a few in this Fan Fiction Library, but I am sure you’ll be crying when you see this but for a completely different reason. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]An actual full-length novel has been written about Street Fighter called [/LEFT][LEFT]“Street Fighter: Dream Never Ends”[/LEFT][LEFT] based 7 years after Third Strike and you can find it exclusively on [/LEFT][LEFT][/LEFT][LEFT]. There are cool new artwork to supplement the story and considering that the novel is 80,000 words, new chapters will be released on the web every Wednesday.[/LEFT]

[LEFT][LEFT]This novel is currently being discussed with Capcom for publication and has been put up for literary nominations. It is the real deal. [/LEFT][LEFT]So hop on over and you can follow the author on Twitter: [/LEFT][LEFT]@sfnovel[/LEFT][LEFT] and like the Street Fighter Novel Facebook page.[/LEFT][/LEFT]



I’ve got a question: Was it written by yourself or are you the publisher while the author is someone else?

Just the rep!

Is someone reading it? I can’t commit myself to read it without knowing it’s good, and I figured that some of the dedicated Ryu fans here would be reading it and could vouch for its quality.

I get mixed impressions from the description. On one hand, I think one of the things that would help Ryu developing his character is a relation with a female NPC. On the other hand, the presence of the very gimmicky characters Rose, Sakura and Akuma makes me worry much for the quality of the novel. On top of that, I have the natural fear that Tawnya Blaze is a Mary-Sue.

So, I’d like to hear impressions from the regulars of this section if you’re reading it.