Street Fighter English/Japanese Dictionary

I’ve been working on an English/Japanese dictionary for Street Fighter terms.

A lot of Japanese players come to the U.S. now, and a lot of American players go to Japan. I’ve watched a lot of American players try to like act out moves and stuff trying to explain SF stuff. Then I realized that I do the same thing sometimes. I find that I can talk about politics and literature much easier than I can talk about Street Fighter strategy in Japanese. It’s hard to talk SF in Japanese because there are so many specialized words that you can’t exactly look up in a dictionary. It’s really hard to explain something like reversing a meaty wake up attack or cross up or whatever if you don’t know those SF words in Japanese.

So I have been compiling a dictionary of SF terms to make it easier for Americans to talk strategy in Japanese, and vice versa.

I posted it on my 3rd Strike web page.

It’s not the newest entry so you will have to scroll down a bit. All of the Japanese words are written in Japanese so you will need Japanese fonts on your computer in order to view it properly.

I am continuously updating it. It is far from finished, but it is a good start. It should help people with some Japanese knowledge be able to talk about SF strategy a little bit easier when speaking Japanese. Right now it is geared towards 3rd Strike, because that’s the game I play, but in the future I think I might expand it to include specialized terms from like CvS2 and other SF games. Also, my intent is to compile a list of the words that you can’t just look up. Don’t complain that your favorite special move isn’t listed. Buy the Guide for that, it has all the move names in Japanese. Also, all the Japanese words are written in Japanese text. If you can’t read Japanese, then you probably aren’t going to be having deep discussions about SF strategy in Japanese anyways, but just letting you know there is no romaji for the Japanese.

I hope this dictionary will be of help to some people.

Fanastic ideas…so far that’s the best livejournal usage I’ve seen yet.

As a suggestion, I would try putting the japanese terms in romaji (Is that what it’s called, when you put the japanese words in english letters?), cos not everyone can read japanese…This way, in the case that you actually are talking to a japanese person, you know how to say it.

The hiragana beside the kanji definitely helps me out. Good job on that.

That is awesome and will be most helpful as Im about to be there. However Id have to agree with skankin that romaji would be most helpful. I’ll still be going through and maybe converting some of the hiragana, but since I can’t read it yet, Id just be using a table to do it.

Damn, that is hotness. Your Live Journal almost makes me wish I played 3S!

ozy also made a similar page. His list shorter, but maybe he has some terms that you haven’t added yet:


Wow, thanks mopreme, wish I would have had this when I was in Osaka a few months back; would have been nice to have been able to talk to some of those dudes who raped up on me.

Guys, learning kana takes like a few hours :confused:

use this

No offense, but if you cannot read any sort of Japanese (not even Kana) then I doubt you could make any sort of sensical sentence. In this case, I doubt Romaji would be much help here. Unless I’m thinking off course here.

Nah, you’re right man, it’s pretty circumstantial. I mentioned it for two reasons:

  1. For completions sake, and

  2. Some people are better at reading/writing a language than speaking it, or vice versa. For example, since I know English and Spanish, I can read a little bit of other latin languages, like Portuguese or French…but hell if I can speak em’, heh. So, It would be useful for people who can speak Japanese better than they can read and write it (Though admittedly, I’m not one of them. :P).

Because Evo is only a few days away and a ton of Japanese players are coming this year, I’ve updated the dictionary with a lot of new and useful words. There are a lot of new entries since I posted the dictionary, so you have to scroll down about half way to see the dictionary.

Damn bro, haven’t heard from you in a WHILE. Good shit.