Street Fighter Eternal Challenge?

This is a the list of comics,and books coming this week. Look down at RELATED MERCHANDISE. Is this true?:confused:

Is this the English version that I’ve been waiting for?!



we know the japanese version is out, were waiting for the english version!! (which might be out soon by the looks of things)

We are soliciting the English version for October. More info to come…

October eh? THat’s a plenty o time to save up for it.
Meaning everyone of you, buy yours once it’s available for you!

Any news of whether an english version is coming out? I just saw the japanese one in my local comics shop and I’m very tempted to buy it.

Udoneko, can you give any confirmation of an English version? Has all the translation been done etc?


ahh so this is that udon project mentione din the newsrama article.

btw, a question for anyone who has eternal challenge: how much text is there compared to art? Do you think its worth buying even if one does not read japanese? The back of eternal challenge shows some of the pages and one page had like more than 8 Ryu artworks cramped into one page. Do the pages have mostly multiple artworks on it or there a lot of art that takes up one page?


Never seen the book before but I will buy it once it is realesed in october.How much will the book cost?


Some pics take the whole page, while others are cramped together inside a page. I say there’s a good amount of both styles.

The first 130+ pages contain pure artwork with little to no text (well actually only the artist’s name is in japanese text). This includes game posters, character illustrations, sketches…

Then the next 130+ pages have some text heavy parts. Describing each games, and having characters’ bios and stats and there’s an all character ending section. Mostly text and in-game screenshots. The ending section is cool coz they have screenshots for all the endings for each games, though they are pretty small.

To me the first 130+ pages of fullcolour artwork itself is well worth the money. But I dunno why you would want to buy this one when the translated version is coming out soon. Had I known this, I would have definitely waited for that one. I mean, being able to read the 2nd half of the book makes the purchase more worthwhile.:smiley:

me too, but it was like 70 bucks…:frowning:
i guess i’ll just wait for the english one…
man, the wait is killing me already!!

The one I saw was selling like $110 Australian dollars. :frowning: Unfortunately someone had already bought it.

Mr. Twelve: I just looking for confirmation its coming out in October. If its got lots of text then Udon has got lots of translating to do. Thanks for your info on the book.

excellent ! An Eternal challenge thread!
I was going to order the Japanese version pretty soon, but I’ll hold off if the English one is coming close oto October.

Can Udon or anyone else answer a couple of questions?

  1. Will the English version be a complete translation of the Japanese one? We won’t be missing out on any pics or info that editors might think aren’t important will we? (eg small pics, black and white pics.)

  2. And does SF Eternal have any line drawings of animations that appear in the Street Fighter series? (similar to the pictures of Poison and Hugo in my avatar.) These appear commonly in ‘Capcom Secret file’ booklets and are my very favourite type of Capcom art. They seem to be very hard to come by though.

  3. What issue of Previews can I order the English one from? And what section will it appear?


I can only answer #2 and it’s no.

we’ll hav to wait until OCTOBER 2004 until we get the Eternal Challenge. its been issued under Udon’s part of Devil’s Due Comics

info taken from

what do you mean by character stats?Do you mean the power level of the character and how much good defense,speed,and power the character has?If thats the case that will be so hot!I always wanted to know which street fighter characters are stronger than others.

thanks for the news.Now im really going to buy this.

Thanks for the link, yikhai! Cover looks really cool. I like how Shinkiro is consistance with the SF characters.


Shinkro’s cover is colorful and vibrant ,it’ll catch any customer’s eye(good choice).Personally i lked Akiman "who u with"cover of Eternal challenge better:cool: