-= Street Fighter Ex 2 plus =-

Looking 4 hardcore strats and combos 4 sfex2+ :slight_smile:

Wat is wrong with u people

I came to this forum 2 chat about SFex2+, which i think is a really cool game , unlike SFex+A that was a big mess up . SFex2+ is a brillant 3d fighting game, and its hard 2 think that no1 is chatting or asking questions about it.

You guys should support me on this , coz I understand that it is not the greatest in the world , but on da other hand i dont c much wrong with it . I have few questions 2 about the game and storyline but unless u guys reply im not gonna waste my time so plz post ur coments :slight_smile: .


First off, there’s a huge thread in Fighting Games Discussion. Go there.


Second, the game sucks ass. Half of the cast is an auto loss to the other half. “Not the greatest in the world” is an understatement of the century.

Thank you 4 da link 2 da other tread , but really dude i dont want ur shit comments :confused: . I want ex fans

If u want some really hardcore match vids u can go to this sftp:
go to the folder “ex2plus?v” and dl the vids there…

Although it is at a really slow dl speed, it really is worth the download. There is some really hardcore freaky stuff there, I must say.

Thanx 4 da Link

If you still come here, I think there are some more vids linked from