Street Fighter EX - most similar to


Easy question. Thinking about game mechanics, speed, system, etc, which game/series has the most in common with the Street Fighter EX trilogy?


I suppose this was really hard to put in the EX thread, eh Richard?


Yep, that’s right. You cannot edit a thread half way through, especially if you’re not the starter. So in other words, it would be completely impossible for me to do so.


Fireballs suck and there were CCs in one iteration so I guess Alpha 3? If you count ISMs as different characters then that sort of makes them even more similar due to recycled normals. Though I think the EX series has more recycled normals than any game I can currently think of. It’s probably it’s greatest flaw.

Either way it’s still it’s own separate monster.


Not true, but sure, keep believing that.


Which part is not true? What game do you think has more shared normals between characters? What do you think is the EX series greatest set back?


Each EX is different.

EX, EX+, EX+ Alpha: SF2

EX2, EX2+: Alpha series, more so Alpha 2

EX3: Combination of the versus games, SF2, and SFA games.


KoF: Maximum Impact…?


Owned, son.


Oh yeah. Fucking Mortal Kombat.


which is funny because all of vegas jumping attacks used to all look exactly alike. Took like 4 games before more than 1 jumping attack animation.

For which game goes to which
EX1 (ST/A1)
EX2 (A2/A3)
EX3 (3s/SF4 with tagging)


I was tryin to just leave it hanging. =/