Street Fighter EX series

Just going to be ‘that guy’ and ask, was this series ever taken seriously competitively. It seems so mysterious as this is the only Street Fighter game I never see talked about.

Was the game bad, or what? (I know capcom doesn’t exactly own the series.)

It was ok, but the CPU was so stupid I never played it long enough to really get into it. I don’t think it ever made it into the arcades, and we didn’t have online play back then, so… Wasn’t a terrible game, was definetly better then the average fighting game, but wasn’t up to par overall with the other street fighters.

Lack of arcade presence is probably the main thing that kept it from gaining any real popularity.


There was a guy who used to post here named ColGuile, and as far as I know he’s the only one who ever took it very seriously.

Most people in the scene I’ve talked to think Ex Pus Alpha was tight, but reall even when the games came out they looked like crap compared to VF and Tekken. Plus it suffered from SF3 syndrome, a lot of the cast was goofy as hell…Doctrine Dark was raw as hell tho.

there is a thread for it in the fighting game section.