Street fighter EX thread(EX, EX+, Ex+@, EX2, EX2+, EX3)


How many of these thread have I made in the past?:smiley: Well one more can’t hurt.

Well as the title states this is a thread about EX. you can talk and get some help on anything! Excels, Combos, links, Chains, Glitches, tag combos, tiers, how to beat certin characters, fighting styles, combo styles, you favorite EX game and of course who is the best at the respective games.:stuck_out_tongue: Combo vids can be given I have most of shinobi’s vids and a KICKASS vids from a guy named Pichu(not the asshole in general who writes like a pokemon). I will see if I can get them up. IMO pichus vid is the best out.

Now over my time here I have come to respect a few opinions on the games. From Shinobi to certin n00bs. Evilkairi, Mondu, Josh, Jester, DT and a few others are tops in strats and tacs.

For me my personal fav was EX2. I liked the excel system more and it was a little more fun without the meteors. EX2+ had V.rosso so it was up there.

I don’t like EX3 that much. All supers IMO. But I like the momentarys.

Well if you got tiers or imput that I can harp on come on it.

No haters.

Edit:A heads up about a change in the world rankings.

**United States Street Fighter EX2+ Power Ranking

  1. JUSTIN WONG - New York, NY (The United States Champion)
  2. JeRon Grayson - Bronx, NY**

Street Fighter EX2 Plus Expert Mode Challenges
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Streetfighter ex 2 plus problem

SFEX+@ was the only one I had, but for me it was enough. It was fun as hell, not because it was oh so serious in strats but for the fact that it was just plain stupid fun! Some original characters in a long time, even if it wasn’t directly from Capcom, D.Dark was by far my favorite, although I really hated how they took out his DP move. Colguile, do you know why Arika took it out? Was it cause D.Dark was too good with the DP move already and needed toning down or was it more of “Too many DP’s period?”

However sadly I think Dan would have made a great appearnace in it, but afterall we have our own slapstick fellow, Skullomania!


Was the Street Fighter EX series really THAT bad?

Yeap, I remember those good ol EX days. It still has one of the coolest modes in a fighting game: Expert Mode. I wish other SF games had that mode.


I suppose they took it out because he was either too shoto-like or because in the world of EX2 he would be too strong. But with the kill wire he is a juggle/combo machine. He got it back in EX3 though.

Yeah. That shit was tough. IMO the hardest was Guile’s last one. DBFK into a opening gambit. Crazy shit.

You beat the manic in EX2+ you get jack. I have done it a few times and will not undertake it again. But if you do finish it you are worthy to fight me.:wink: Hardest-Chun LI easiest- Area/skullo

EX2 did not have area, Vrosso, Darun, Pullum, Bison, Sagat, and some others. Shadow did not chain as well and Sharon had a 5 his gale punch super rather that her gun(which I hate!). Vega had a level over some others with his level 3 drop. Excels were harder, Kairi was top tier killer with Sharon. D.Dark cut throats instead of covering them with napalm and Dhalsim had his regular super inferno. Guile’s sonicboom typhoon was a 5 hit super fireball good for chip and pressure damage and Hokuto owned.

You can get it all EX’S emulated on Zinc.


I’m an “expert”? I don’t really think so. :sweat: I’ve only played EX+@ much, and I am not exactly the best resource on that game. Mondu and the NeoAvalon guys deserve that title much more than I do.

BTW, I’d rather have Kill Wire than the DP for Dark. The DP has no invincibility and only has good priority at the tip of the knife. And if you do that, the move only does 2 or 3 points of damage. Kill Wire, OTOH, sets up all kinds of big combos in EX2(+) and 3.

Colguile: Are you crazy? The toughest combo in Expert Mode is definitely the Kairi one where you have to cancel the DP into the uppercut super.

Josh the FunkDOC


Hmm…How come I seen all the characters? I did see them really. It must be the arcade SFEX2 then. 'Cause Hayate was selectable too.


Yep, Hayate was selectable in arcade EX2 but not arcade EX2+. They added him in the PSX version of the game almost as an afterthought; in the US PSX version, Hayate’s Maniac Mode mission is never counted as complete even if you actually do complete it.

Josh the FunkDOC


I agree about the uppercut. Even if you hit with the tip you can’t chain which make it a desperation/turtle move. Only good in offence for knock down.

I did not find Kairi’s expert that hard. Dhalsim, Sakura, Bison, and Guile had HARD combos.

I remember it took me a good 3 weeks on and off to do sakura’s last one.:o

The cabnit of actual select screen? In EX2 for arcade all th characters I mention are not in it. In EX2+ for arcade and Psx they are. And hayate is selectable in EX2. Mid tier IMO. His anti-air is pretty good but his chain off it into the spinning sword air super is shitty.:bluu:


Yeah, the arcade EX2 had everyone. But sucked since no lvl3 supers were included for nearly all of the characters >:|. I like the lvl3’s!


colguile: You found Sakura’s last one hard? I actually use that as a B&B combo, since short hurricane kick is safe if blocked (well, not sure about Gief) and you have enough time to see whether or not the HK hit and decide whether or not to cancel into the super.

Bison and Guile, I agree with you there. Dhalsim, not really…that last one isn’t too bad once you know the trick.

Speaking of Dhalsim, here’s a cool combo I created for him that I haven’t seen anywhere else:

J.fierce, d/b+fierce, forward slide XX Yoga Legend XX Yoga Drill Kick (aim it to get the 10th hit close to the ground), juggle with j.forward XX Yoga Drill Kick, and finish with far s.fierce.

Josh the FunkDOC


My friend Andre and I have lost many MANY hours on EX.

Fav. characters? Ken, D.Dark, Darun ( I wish they didn’t take his super lariat in EX3 ), Cracker Jack, Blair Dame, Hokuto, V.Rossu and Skullo.

Fav. character voices? D.Dark ( so calm and cool ), V.Rosso, Cracker Jack, Guile, Darun.

It was hard finding people who’d play this game, so I’ve only played this w/ one other person ( sad isn’t it ). I hate when people won’t play it or give it a chance just because it’s SF in 3-D.


Thanks for making this thread Col Guile.

Orange Cat, D.Dark’s Killing Blade was moved because of balance issues. From what I understand it was because of changes to his dark wire, and the addition of the excel combos. The Kill Wire also defines D.Dark’s style differently. The Kill Wire is for a more meticulous and calculating player. Although the Kill Wire leads to much more damage than the DP, misuse makes it very easy to jump in on D.Dark.

Josh-TheFunkDOC, I think it’s interesting that you have difficulty comboing Kairi’s DP into his Super. That’s a combo I do regularly. On the flip side of that, I have difficulty with Charge characters, and Excels. In my opinion, the most difficult mission in SFEX+a was Bison’s. I don’t think Guile’s is really that bad in comparison.

Generally speaking, tiers are very over-rated. But I do think that they have some merit, and I am very interested in knowing all of your opinions on tiers for the Playstation SFEX games.

Street Fighter EX plus Alpha
Evil Hokuto

Street Fighter EX 2 plus

Street Fighter EX3


For the last time, top tier in EX+a is/was Gief and Blair. And of the shotos only Allen deserves to be top-tier.

Strider, on differences on EX2 and +: Characters and their moves, mostly, plus a completely revamped excel system. I disagree with colguile with excels being harder in +. They’re actually, much, much easier (since it’s possible in EX2+ to link the same move over and over, even sweeps), but also deal much less damage unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Hey. colguile, you’re a “popular thread member!”:smiley:

Orangecat: They may have removed D. Dark’s DP in EX2/+, but, goddamn, he’s fucking unstoppable anyway in those games.

I also did not find EX+a Kairi missions that hard. However, I still tear my hair out over Bison’s and Guiles. Then again, maybe it’s just my general dislike for charge characters.

For the record, EX1 (and all its versions) remains to be one of my favorite games, while I detest with all my heart EX2 and EX2+.


Wtf, Darun 2nd? I don’t understand that. Can you explain?


Sonic Boom Typhoon OWNZ. HAHAHAHAHA. :D:D:D


Well to be perfectly honest Strider, I just threw some names out with the intention of getting a response. I find tiers to be too pragmatic to be accurate, but I always enjoy the reasoning behind them.

Is Garuda even number 1? Possibly. Is Darun number 2 in SFEX+a? Possibly. It’s relative. You can argue that just about any character in SFEX+a is top tier. In this case, I find Darun to be slightly more convincing than the average character, but still very open to question. One of my best opponents is convinced Darun is the undisputed best character in SFEX+a.

Zangief is a very powerful character in SFEX+a. His 360 throws have a lot of range, and priority, and do a lot of damage. He also takes less damage than most characters. The idea is that Darun is Zangief with more options. Darun, like Zangief, is able to combo a jab into either of his 360 throws, or his Super throw. The 360 are also guaranteed after any blocked normal attack. However he has better air defense than Zangief with the s.Fierce and the Darun catch. He also has a better guard break, which is actually the fastest guard break in the game. His Dusk Lariat Super in conjuction with his Super Indra Bridge does much more damage than most level 2 cancels.
j.Fierce, c.Strong x2, jab lariat, dusk Lariat, Super Indra Bridge, Darun catch
is actually one of the most powerful level 2 combos in the game.

Those are the supporting reasons for Darun. One could also argue that Chun Li and Cycloid Gamma are the best because of their simple infinite combos. It can go any way depending on what you feel.

Mondu, why do you think Zangief and Blair are the top tier? I’ve heard that a lot too.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

I wonder why Gouki/Akuma didn’t appear in Street Fighter EX 2 & EX 3? :wtf:


For SFEX2-SFEX3, Kairi is Arika’s analog to Akuma.

However, I was told that SFEX2+ was supposed to have 35 characters, but apparently there wasn’t enough time to add them in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Akuma/Gouki was one of those would be characters.


Kairi killed Akuma, and the demon/powers whatever went to Kairi, making him what he is now, having battle scars to prove it.:lol:


Never forget:
Kairi killed Akuma so he became the best.