Street Fighter EX2 Plus Expert Mode Challenges


Hello everyone, I have just joined this forum as I have been a fan of the Street Fighter series for the past 25 years since Street Fighter II and although I love the franchise to death and used to practice ruthlessly I have never been as good as what I would call a “Tournament Ready” player. Anyways, to get to the point of this topic for the past few years I have been working on trying to go through the Expert Mode challenges in Street Fighter EX2 Plus off-and-on in my spare time and I have had trouble with trying to complete a few of the challenges. In particular, I am trying to unlock the secret characters up to Kairi meaning I would have to do all of the expert mode challenges for all the characters up to all the C rank challenges (Haven’t decided on trying to unlock Hayate yet although I’m thinking about it) and I have managed to accomplish this up to Challenge #13 for Darun where you are supposed to use Darun’s Daikaku (triple punch button) to block Ken’s Shoryuken along with using it as a buffer to do his super darun bomb (720 motion + any punch button). I am also having trouble with Challenge #12 for Garuda where you have to use a Soukondan on Ken then connect a Goga while Ken is in mid-air from the Soukondan along with Shadow Geist’s D and C rank challenges as his also involve the super combos with the 720 motion. I remember a few years ago I had went through all the challenges with Zangief involving the 720 motion super combos although I can’t remember what I did or how I did it and trying to practice the motion on my controller hasn’t been doing me any good so I’m trying to find out what I doing wrong and why. Also, I realize the majority of Street Fighter fans hate the EX series for being so drastically different from your usual Street Fighter games although another reason I feel it is a good idea to go through these training missions besides for the purpose of unlocking Kairi is to use it as a training tool for certain regular Street Fighter characters practicing not only their special movies but also useful combos that I feel can be useful in other Street Fighter games as well since these games also include most of the regular Street Fighter characters. I also can imagine the question about the 720 motion on the d-pad has probably been asked on this forum somewhere before although I didn’t really find the information I needed to know and don’t want to revive ancient and dead posts from like 10 to 15 years ago so this is why I am posting a new thread not just about how to perform the 720 motion but as a thread for getting help in doing the Expert Mode challenges in EX2 Plus.


try in the sfex thread


follow that playlist that should help with getting an idea of what some of the expert mode combos should look like.

If you are having problems with the 720, try practicing tick 360’s. Hit them with a jab or short kick, and practice landing a 360 off of that. Once you can do that consistently, then try to do a 720 instead. aka do the 360 faster and do it twice.


I have been practicing what you said on my gamepad while my console is off and I notice I am getting much faster at it. I need to watch it though, if I do it too fast it will cancel out the counter and it won’t register the challenge as complete so I am guessing it has something to do with how many frames after the counter that I do the 720. I have found I can actually do 360’s pretty reliably using a buffer but its always the 720’s that is tricky to pull off for some reason even when im using a buffer for that as well. I know I am doing the 720 pretty fast but I wonder if I might be doing it too fast for it to register in game.