Street Fighter Ex2+/ Tekken 1/2/3 Matches anyone?

anybody up for Street Fighter Ex2+ matches on epsxe/KailleraP2p?

I play tekken 3 online

Wanna have a couple matches?
PM me ya instant messenger info if u have 1

I can PM you sometime.

aren’t these games laggy on mame?

They’re using epsxe.

Yeah Epsxe on p2p kaillera
runs smooth
any1 up for tekken 3 or sfex2+?

i tried that and it desynched way too much for comfort. is this version any good? might have to clap some heads in tekken 3 :lovin:

I tried EX+a with the cyberpad plugin/Kaillera. I dunno. It had quite a bit of lag there, and everytime I won the opponent said that it desynced and he was already in the middle of another match.

But which version of EX2+? Jap or USA or PAL? I got CDs for USA and Jap, and I think I have the ISO for the PAL.

Just have to use the same settings, there’s a base setting that runs full speed for everyone.
Everyone i’ve played, we didnt have any problems and thats with all sound on. Just gotta have the right stuff.

Is 2DF able to handle Tekken 3?

I’ve been requesting epsxe support for 2DF, maybe if more people request it damdai could integrate it. Other than 2DF, It works very well using the Nov 1 p2p client and desynchs don’t happen as often as you’d think. I’ve played cvs1, Ex2, and T3 using it and they’ve all worked fine.


Begins the search for epsxe

I will be hitting you up if everything goes well.

What ?! CvS1!!!

I found 1.70 . Is that what you are using ?

1.6 is the on you should be using. IIRC it works for all games.

I’ve played sf ex2+, p2p and it worked great, I wanna try sfa3 sometime though…

He means cvs1:pro.

Can anyone tell me the standard settings?

Use “Pete’s D3D Driver 1.67”. If you’re gonna play online set it to fastest and set the frame limit to 60 and make sure you check the box that says “use fps limit”. Also you can try playing with sound on if you’re online but it might desynch, with the sound off you most likely won’t desynch. Also, the person you play with has to have the same settings.