Street Fighter Fan Art Tribute Project, you are welcome to participate

Some here have maybe seen the previous fan art proejcts i organized, the Street Fighter Tribute project which will officially start on Februar 12. 2012 is the most ambitious one by far though.

The target is that not less than 200 artists participate to draw either one of the 90 characters from Street Fighter I - SSIV AE or one of ten “challenges”

I am organizing this project mainly on deviantart, the entries however will be presentated on a big gallery with 100 pages on my own website project game art hq

68 artists, amateurs and professionals signed it for the project already

Cammy White, Chun Li,Crimson Viper,Dudley, Evil Ryu, Guy, Ibuki,Juri Han,Maki, Makoto,R.Mika, Rose, Ryu,Sagat,Sakura,Sean,Vega, Zangief

are already not avaiable anymore since 2 artists claimed these characters already

3 of the 10 “challenges” are also not avaiable anymore

Sprite / Pixel art is welcome a sprite should have a height of at least 200 pixels though.

If you are interested, visit the complete list of characters and challenges here

If you want to claim a character or even a challenge you can simply reply here

Thedge is participating in the project btw, he is going to submit a Elena entry

Previous fan art projects i organized via deviantart and my website are a MK Tribute Project with 80 artist participating

And a tribute about boss characters from fighting games

greets, gbk

Ok fill me in for Juli.

Sounds cool!

alrighty, do you have a deviantart account? also did you read the rules?

greets and happy xmas, gbk, I guess I read the rules (no noods and no showing your work before Feb 12th)

excellent, welcome onboard than, i saw your kabal and look forward to your Juli

So you don’t have to be of any huge professional skill level or anything? Could I claim Bison?
It’ll be a learning experience. Only been drawing for 4 months though so I don’t know if my skill qualifies;

Heya francy, i know your works from DA and yes, like with the Mk and Boss tributes the skill level is not the most important thing in my book, the tribute doesnt have to look like a third “Udon Tribute Book” full of soo beautiful blabla stuff…its more about seeing how many different fans are drawing a street fighter character

With Bison you mean the dictator and not the boxer, right?

he is still avaiable and you can claim him, do me one favour though and dont draw him nude :wink:

laughs I actually already had a few ideas for the contest if I got accepted and while it may come as a huge shock, none of them were nude :'D I draw nude pics for my own…enjoyment, per se. Never for competition X3
And yes, I do mean Dictator.

alrighty, welcome onboard, dont forget…no publishing of the image before februar 12, you have time even till the 12th of march, you know my group FGE / Fighting games elite on DA, thats where you can submit the entry to , there will be a folder for it

I don’t think I have the group D: Mind tossing me a quick link?

and yesh, I know XD It’s killing me because I mentioned that I may be doing it and my friends like “What’re you doing?” and I’m like “Trap’s sealed i’m afraid :X” XD
I can manage though!

there ya go, the most artists are from there, i presentate the project on my own website including infos bout the character ad the artists own words about the entry

thought i update the thread a bit, 94 Artists signed into the project already

The layout for its presentation on Game Art stands already,

sheng long was replaced with violent ken

the zombie fighters challenge was replaced by the Adon vs Sagat challenge

the SF group shot challenge was changed to a SF II group shot challenge with the target to draw only the 8 playable sf 2 characters

I’d love to jump on this if I wasn’t swamped with portfolio work (I’m applying for school). I see you mentioned it begins on February 12th but is there a deadline before then on when you’d like to have a submission?

if you would claim a character or challenge today, you can submit it from the 12th februar on and you would even have time till the 12th march

Thought i bump this project`s thread with updates

144 Artists signed up so far
I have around 20 submissions already and all i can say is DAMN …this will be more entertaining than any Udon tribute book you saw

The project has a logo now

be sure to visit Game Art HQ on februar 12th…this is going to be damn great.

Is it possible to claim more than one? sorry too lazy to read right now. i’m looking to do balrog, rufus, and skullomania.

I want to represent for the MS painters department of SRK.

Nopie, on

Hiya, cool to see another one from here is interested to participate

Around 90% of the now 146 artists so far heard about the project trough Deviantart, i am sure some of thema re SRK members as well but anyway

Only one character per artist is possible, i try to have the gihest possible varity in styles and sorts of art in the project so you have to choose one

Greets, gbk

Questions are always okay, heh

Yes, cameos and even fight scenes would be okay, important is though, that the claimed character is definitive the focus of the entry

I’m in fill me in for Restu.
My deviantart is lgriffonsroar.